Producing : Where is best to use as an outlet for film merchandise? by Laura Jay

Laura Jay

Where is best to use as an outlet for film merchandise?

Hallo everyone. This is a merchandising question. I am producer for a new period drama webseries, based word for word on Victor Hugo's' Les Miserables novel, and we were going to, as part of the fundraising, hand make themed jewellery, accessories, and have Tshirts made as official merchandise. As I privately sell on eBay, it seemed a good idea to open a second account (which is allowed within ebay rules) especially for merchandise (that way no-one gets confused with my random stuff ) . I set it up with series name, came back the next day to start listing things and found ebay had removed the account. When I contacted ebay, they informed me that our film series was illegal (they refused all proof of its actual legality and legitimacy) and said they had "vast amounts of evidence" against us- they refused to explain what that purported evidence was and hung up on me. So, I am looking for an alternative source to sell on. The account needs to be able to be based in the UK but available to buyers internationally, and to allow both the sale of merchandise (jewelry, accessories, Tshirts, signed posters and prints, but also, for example, as they finished with, costumes, props etc. It also needs to take paypal.) If it comes to it we can create a website store but I was hoping to use an existing selling online platform. All recommendations are most welcome.

Mark Glamack

Laura, you're a producer for a new period drama web-series, based word for word on Victor Hugo's' Les Miserables novel, It would seem that eBay dropped you because of rights issues, and/or conflicts of interest. Although the novel is presumably in the public domain, there's legal issues that infringe on other producer's works that may be under copyright protection. You will continue to have problems with the issue of copyright and so you should when capitalizing on the successes of other people's work. I would suggest that you contact the owner of any new copyrights for Les Miserables and try to work with them.

Donny Broussard

You are having rights issues. You need to seek out an entertainment lawyer right away and get that figured out or you will have the same problems wherever you go.

Laura Jay

We actually researched rights very carefully, we are filming a drama from the book, nothing to do in appearance, or style of adaptation, to anything later. It was all most carefully checked out beforehand.

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