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Bala Bishop

do I need a producer?

so I have a documentary film concept/idea. I have the talent lined up, I have the lawyers to help with contracts, I have the story line written out (it is a documentary so there will be lots of "organic" interactions that I know can't be scripted, but I have outlines for the adventures to ensue... All I believe I need now is the funds to make it happen ... so do I need a producer now? I don't need more than 200K to make the film (like most insane creative people, it is the best film documentary ever) Do I need a producer who carries weight and knows the right people to contact? is a producer kind of like an agent who help "sells" the film idea? ... do I need a producer and if so do I just find their twitter account and bug the crap out of them till they respond ? ( just a heads up if you tweet david lynch a bunch.. he is not much of a respond-er)

Shaun O'Banion

My question is this: How do you know you only need $200k? What is that number based on? Depending on your subject matter and the amount of footage you shoot, $200k could end up being your post budget... Have you spoken to people about Post? It's a HUGE chunk of your budget. Docs are created in the edit... and it takes a lot of time to make everything work. My guess is no less than 18 weeks. What you need a producer for is to go over all of the elements - schedule, crew, man days, rentals, insurance, etc. and determine the actual number. If you're just plucking it out of thin air, you're going to end up screwed down the road. However, if you understand all of the elements, and if you have a ton of experience (which, perhaps you do - I didn't check your profile), then, maybe you're right and you only need $200k. If THAT is the case, then my recommendation is that you jump on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or SeedandSpark and create a nice, super-slick campaign video. You may not get the full amount, but you might get close enough to go and shoot - then you could always come back with footage and lean on people to finish the raise. Best of luck on your project.

Bala Bishop

I cannot thank you enough. I have done some research and the post is really what the major cost will be for this project as well. The story line is simple and the onsite filming ( in 2 different countries US and India) should be relatively crude or uncomplicated, yet I am still working on some contacts to finalize the filming costs in India.. Post promotion seem like the biggest cost. ( and luring a dynamic director who shares my vision... keeps it moving) Thank you!!! very much !!!

Mark Ratering

Of course you do don't be silly

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