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Need true movie producer

I have a true story romantic/drama screenplay that is in need of a true movie producer. logline an older women meets a younger man, they fall in love and take on the world in dramatic Style to be together.

Seeking Pennsylvania Producers

Hello everyone, I'm trying this again cause it appears that I must have broken a rule since my post was deleted this morning. I have a feature film I'm producing in Pennsylvania next year, and I'm looking for anyone who's interested in an adventure comedy. This will be my second feature. Please let me know, thanks! 

I developed a project, went through the development hell, brought in a source of funding, maybe even a talent and after all that heavy lifting why do I need another producer? What is it for a filmmaker like me? I can do it myself.

Really? You are still wondering it too? Let dissect that statement and dig into a "conversation"...  Okay you have a package, some package, you did it on your own, how do you know its good? -Well, I have a great script. Do you want to hear my log line? Not really. But how do you know it's good?  - Well, ...

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Don't Undervalue Your Films' Website

I started Indie Filmworks because I get asked quite often how I'm able to produce my films on such a low budget and get thousands of eyes to watch them. For the past year I've been heavily involved in producing and directing my first feature, Higher Methods. Sharing my experiences so that you can le...

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Paramount & Prodcos Settle PA Class Suit

PA "defecation" lawsuit settled by studios ... no doubt to avoid a jury trial where other embarrassing practices of the biz might be exposed. What practices you ask? Now we'll never know... :)

Miami Location

Hi, I have a lovely Key West/Art Deco house in Miami that I'm advertising as a possible location for film shoots. Do you have any particular sites to recommend for me to advertise at? Right now I'm the only Miami location at Peerspace, am on Setscouter and a couple of local Miami location sites. I ca ...

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ASCAP-BMI Initiative

If you're a music supervisor, or just an indie producer trying to research copyright on songs ... this is manna from heaven

ASCAP and BMI Join Forces on Comprehensive Song Database
ASCAP and BMI Join Forces on Comprehensive Song Database
UPDATED: In a groundbreaking show of unity, ASCAP and BMI, the nation's two leading performing rights organizations, announced today that they will create a single, comprehensive database of musical w…
What type of screenplays do you want?

Two questions, as a screenwriter with four to five short and feature length scripts. How would you guys prefer to be approached by screenwriters? Also what type of screenplays are you looking for?

Heads Up Indie Producers

Great resource for indie filmmakers: 99 forms you need for pre/prod/post

Every Filmmaking Form You'll Ever Need in 99 Free Templates
Every Filmmaking Form You'll Ever Need in 99 Free Templates
Ease your workload (and your mind) with these free templates for everything from storyboarding to contracts to accounting. [Editor's Note: No Film School asked Adrijana Lazarevic to collect these 99 t…
Pitch to Pilot to Air ... Crazytime

Pitch to Upfronts: the crazy dance of getting a TV show on-air :)  <

The Whole Crazy Process Of Creating A TV Show, From Pitch To Pilot
The Whole Crazy Process Of Creating A TV Show, From Pitch To Pilot
Right now, it's pilot season - which means you're going to be hearing about a lot of TV shows getting ordered. And then, nine months from now... most of those shows will not be on television.…
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