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Spinning Donald

Hi there!I have written a registered synopsis "Spinning Donald", which is I suppose in the vein of "Spinning Boris" comedy. What do you think, is my action comedy actual or we should wait for a moment Trump lefts his post?Oleg Lubske, screenwriter/director/filmmaker/producer

Feature Film Financing

Hello Fellow 32 Stage,
I hope everyone is have an awesome day...I am currently looking for producer will to help out with getting my feature film financed. I welcome everyone who interested in taking this journey with me, and bring this project to life...

A script that has not been read yet!

I heard producers are waiting for scripts they have not read 10 times in the past month. True?

Short-Form Digital Series ... watch out!!!

Short-form web series coming of age ... no longer just teens with webcams mugging for the camera ... not we're talking big budgets, name talent, TV-quality productions ... and growing!!!! Even the PGA is talking about it... heads up!!!

Producers Guild of America
Producers Guild of America
Original digital short-form series have become far more prolific over the last few years. And we're not talking about YouTube videos of kids talking to camera from their bedrooms, or mash-ups of other…

Any suggestions of insurance carriers for production?

Produced by Conference

Good Morning Everyone, I'm just curious if anyone will be at the Produced By Conference next week at Fox Studios? I will be there and I hope to meet some of you there. Have a good weekend :)- Robby

TV Salaries 2017

Want to work in TV? Don't count on getting rich ... and you'll make 11% less than the median if you female or "of color."  <

Here are the surprising salaries for jobs in TV
Here are the surprising salaries for jobs in TV
If your dream is to work in television or you already do, a new survey shows what you can (or should) make. But in the process, it also highlights the pay disparity for women and minorities. On Monday…
Cannes 2017!

I'm off to Cannes this weekend and hopefully coming back with progress on at least one movie project. Anyone else going? Let's meet for a cheeky glass of something! Please get in touch :)

GOT Adaptations

No surprise here ... :)

HBO's Game of Thrones spin-off is officially in the works
HBO's Game of Thrones spin-off is officially in the works
HBO has put an end to months of speculation about a possible Game of Thrones spinoff, announcing that four different writers have signed development deals with the network. Variety reports that...
10 Trips/Tricks of Producing

Some interesting tips for producers. Finding ways to distribute other than theatrical is now paramount to success.

10 Tricks And Traps Of Film Producing - Raindance
10 Tricks And Traps Of Film Producing - Raindance
Film producing is an occupation fraught with danger, mishaps and misfortune. As Shakespeare said: many a slip twixt cup and lip. Here are the ten areas where new producers trip up. 1. Measure Success…
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