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Sean Mannion
Blog Post on Why Buying Production Insurance Could Help You Turn a Profit

Video producer Sam Baumel discusses why Production Insurance isn't just a responsible decision, but also can help you turn a profit as a video producer:

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How Paying for Production Insurance will Actually MAKE you Money
How Paying for Production Insurance will Actually MAKE you Money
Have you reluctantly considered purchasing an annual production insurance policy for your video production business? Is the price tag too steep for staying scrappy as a freelance filmmaker? Think insu…
Sean Mannion
Workshop on breaking six figures as a freelance video producer

Workshop next week in New York on how to make six figures as a freelance producer

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Keith Hopkins
Interviewing filmmakers/actors/crew for Horror Anthology book

I'm trying to track down folks who've worked on horror anthologies from the 60s to the 80s. Think Asylum, Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, etc. ANY leads would be helpful!!! Thanks!

Rasa Aur Drama
OSCAR Writing

Hello folks :) I am looking for any PR/journalists who are attending the OSCARS; to do small story for us ? Could anyone suggest people/publications!

Sash Andranikian
FILMART in Honk-Kong

Is anyone attending Filmart in Honk-Kong this March? Lets connect, share, hangout while there!

I will be there from on March 18th to 21st.

Warren Eig
Looking to work with a producer

Hi all. I’m a director in Los Angeles who also happens to produce. I’d like to move away from that aspect and concentrate on just directing as I move from commercials and corporate branding to feature films. I’ve written a few ;) Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat.

Oscar Williams
The Olivia de Havilland vs. FX lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected de Havilland's petition:

De Havilland alleged that the producers violated her right of publicity, the common law tort of misappropriation and false light invasion of privacy based on FX's portrayal in the docudrama of a fictitious interview and the de Havilland cha...

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Harlan W. Groom
Product placement


I am currently in pre-production on two features.

We are starting our crowdfunding campaign now. However, we are interested in product placement techniques and advice on how to contact clients.

We are shooting a feature thriller called 14:58. It's a community policing office with police, detecti...

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Lori Hakulinen
Audience Test

I've putting the finishing touches on a documentary. It's set in Ireland, I live in France. Would anyone know who to contact to set an audience test in NYC and/or LA?

Alana Phillips
Apply To My Film!

Hello Everyone!

I will be directing a new short film called "Under Cover Date". It is a comedy about a girl who goes out on a date and her best friend who tries to help her out.

Here is the link on Stage 32 to apply to the film. I'm also still looking for some crew members as well if you know of anyo...

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai
Open letter to Netflix on Saudi Collusion Raises Issues For Content Creators

Content creators who are concerned over the growing control media companies have on freedom of speech, should read this open letter:

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UDC Protests Netflix-Saudi Collusion in Open Letter | United Democratic Commonwealth Global Site
UDC Protests Netflix-Saudi Collusion in Open Letter | United Democratic Commonwealth Global Site
Netflix, however, failed to make any sensible answer. In light of the apparent flagrant disregard for human rights, Netflix's refusal to discuss its decision, the UDC decided to challenge the aspiring…
Robert Sean-Riaz
Productions in England?

I have seen the jobs board but there doesn't seem to be any Productions being mentioned on there Producing in England so I thought I'd send a message here to see if anyone is Producing any Projects? I'm an Actor and as it's a new year, I'd like to get things underway. I have substantial experience w...

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Robert Sean-Riaz
Robert Sean-Riaz
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