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Nicholas Marocola

Production company over our heads

Ok. Let me get right to the point.. My wife and I had started a film production company several months back and have spent countless $$$$$ on all equipment needed to actually go out and film full feature productions. We have several years experience in both acting and film production work. I was a film producer on Staten Island for a long time and completed my internship (many years ago) at NBC here in NY. The thing is, I have well over 50,000 invested in equipment and have several Reality shows which have been copyrighted and submitted to the Screen Writers Guild that I am going to be filming and NEED people that want to be a part of a family (Production) and would like to join ours. We aren't looking for employees... but partners!! People that have the same enthusiasm as us that want to be the next BIG Production company.. We want to form Partnerships with those that have the drive to get things done. We have had several people that, we thought wanted to be involved but ended up focusing on the MIGHTY $ instead of the product. We all want to get paid and have the means to do it but feel there are so many people out there that have true talent, so we are searching for those that want to join our family.. Looking for people like: DP, Producer, Director (usually us), Asst. Director, Line Producer, Field Audio Mixers, Audio Engineers, Cinematographers, Script writers, 1st AC, 2nd AC.... stuff like that. Contact us and we can give you more information... Come be a part of our family..... Looking for those who primarily reside in NY/NJ/PA/CT.. We may grow. We have 3 Reality shows to film, Documentary and a Feature Movie to cast for in the Late Spring/Early Summer.....

Todd Stroik

I wish you were in LA! I would totally be onboard! Mainly an actor but love working behind the camera and have multiple scripts I want produced!

Tommy Bull


D Marcus

Sorry I can't help. I'm one of those focused on the MIGHTY$. I wish I could just create for the passion of the project. In a way I envy you. Good luck!

Emi Sano

Hi I'm an emerging scriptwriter. Going to be living and working in the PA/NJ area. Keep in touch if you're looking for scripts to produce! I have a few unproduced shorts and a couple features. My website is

Jimmy France

Good luck guys...but there will be thousands of posts similar to this one, wanting to start at the top with "partners" not employees working for nothing to get really BIG. Even Hollywood seems to be struggling in some areas now. It's a new generation industry with either the mega massive corporations or the minute boutique studio setups surviving. New technology seems to have pushed hundreds of companies to the wall. No-one dares to commit to equipment as it's out of date in a 18 months time. Everyone and their grandmother seems to be making movies now on cheap or hired equipment (Reds, Alexas, DSLRs etc)...and some really are good...some really are bad, but hardly any make money. As one fellow producer said lately the industry has become more of a glorified table top "Hobby" than a "Business". This probably explains why "mates" are used instead of paid employees. to make documentary and "reality" shows abound. This is just an observation from someone in the industry. I really do wish you all the best and good luck.

Todd Stroik

There are plenty of us out here who don't care about money. Build it and they will come. If you work to create great work, money will come.

D Marcus

If you don't care about money then "money will come" doesn't make much sense. You should work to create great work. Full stop. Right?

Todd Stroik

Most artists don't make much money in the beginning of their career, it comes with time... I personally have residual income coming in so that's why I don't care about a huge paycheck right now.

D Marcus

That's different than "There are plenty of us out here who don't care about money.". You do care about money. Right now you don't care about a huge paycheck, because you have residual income, but you do care about money. As I said, I envy those of you who can work for the passion. But for now, I need to get paid for my writing and producing. So Todd. Are you going to partner up with Nicholas and Lynn?

Jay Pulk

Hello Nicholas and Lynn! I'm primarily a narrative director and writer, and I might be interested in getting involved with your feature film. Can you send me more details?

Padma Narayanaswamy

Best of luck and if you need a women centric scripts pl contact me. I have three scripts posted here .Pl take a look and thanks

Derrick Shaw

I am looking to broaden my horizon. I recently finished my first feature "BLISSFULLY UNMARRIED" and I am looking for projects to be apart of until I start my next venture. You can inbox me on what you are working on next and what you may need. If I can make myself available, I will.

Quinn Katherine Stone

If you ever need sets or props designed and/or fabricated I might be able to help you out. My company has done a few projects barter and/or back end deal. It is not free (materials must be paid for), and paying work always comes first, but I find we get to work on some fun stuff and really help some one out that way. Check out or website

Laurie Ashbourne

Hi Nicholas, you might want to post this under the job postings section too, especially since you are looking for a regional team. Best of luck!

Reece Elisabeth

Best of luck to you and your wife. I hope you see some return on your investment.

Mike Tyrrell

Hmmm, by focussing on the might $ do you mean they want to get paid? If so, I would suggest that asking people to work for free is the worst part of the film and television industry. People willing to work for free have no experience or equipment. People with experience, talent and equipment deserve to get paid. It's not cheap to live in Canada.

Nicholas Marocola

Thank you all for the great comments and wish nothing but success and prosperity to all of you... I do want to clear up a possible misunderstanding though. When I mentioned the Mighty $$$, I didn't mean to sound like I wanted to get cheap labor and work for free. I truly have a genuine passion for this profession but seems to be impossible to do all jobs at once and still have time to collect my thoughts. I do want people with the same passion and drive as us and possibly those who have either just attended film or communication schools. I would love to have people also who have other jobs that feel they need to follow their passions as well and find time to pursue them. I love people like that. I do not work for free with my profession and do not expect others to do as well. This business venture that we have taken has had me dish out over 60,000 (which I have no issues with), so anyone that would like to come on board, would only need their expertise or knowledge in that field to help grow the business together. We would be a part of ONE single group.. There are millions to be made out there in this profession and Im sure everyone would love a piece of the pie.... I hope this explains where I was coming from. Im a 40 year old man with 3 beautiful children with an even more beautiful wife and don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering "if it would have worked".....

Gordon Olivea

"The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime" - Pink Floyd. It can work, if you get everyone in the cast and crew to make the same movie, and you have a great, marketable concept, and you can execute it the way it needs to be. I live in Connecticut, spending my nights writing a spec screenplay that I totally believe in. We all start off like Shakespeare - with a blank page, which is the perfect metaphor for our lives. What have you produced so far?

Gene Avakyan

Clients, Sales. That's what it comes down to - if you sell a client, you can service their needs, no matter what they might be - a huge talent pool out there. Having said that, if you are looking for aerial DP people (or even terrestrial ones), be glad to talk to you. Here's a brief sample: Thanks and good luck!

Joe Bohn

If you need an AD or Actor. Here's some quick info on myself: Professional 1st AD here. Experience includes: Features for Syfy, Lifetime, ABC Family, Lifetime; music videos for Miley Cyrus (Big Bang), Justin Timberlake (Suit and Tie), Walk the Moon (Tightrope) and many, many more. Additionally, I'm an accomplished director. My independent films have received distribution and multiple awards. As a writer, my latest feature when to the quarter finals of the Nicholl Fellowship and is currently being pursued by several producers at the moment. Full resume and references available upon request. IMDB:

Richard "RB" Botto

Just a quick reminder that we have a JOB POSTINGS section for just this kind of thing. Good luck!

Jonathan S. Abrams, Soc

Dear Nicholas and Lynn, I would like to be a part of this very much! Have been an Operator and now DP. I do whatever it takes. Been in the industry for over 20 plus years. I am tired of being over looked on productions for no reason and garbage politics. I am good at what I do. If I have to move, ok, but I can always fly in at no additional cost if it is worth it. Housing would be a help, but am willing to negotiate something. Let's talk. I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Jonathan S. Abrams, SOC 818-207-0884

Stephanie Dugan

May I have more information regarding this oppurtunity. Thank you.

Dr Randall Maxwell

Hey Nicholas, I invite you to go to my company,Maxima Vision Films site at and see if you feel we may be a good fit for some kind of partnership, perhaps something like you and yours being our NY connection and us being your Nashville connection and perhaps partnering on projects that make a good fit for each other. We already have two primary investment groups, one of which have already committed funding four feature films or television productions per year over the next five years. I am not talking large Hollywood budgets but two films per year under half million and two per year between half million and 2.5 million, with a total budget for all these films over five years being 25 million. Check us out, I feel there is something that we can perhaps work out as I read your post I feel you!

Jeff W. Horton

Hi Nicholas And Lynn! I'd be interested in getting involved!

Russell Wayne Hebert

Hi Nicholas and Lynn, I would love to be involved in the screenwriting capacity.. I have many scripts, treatments and idea for more!!! Let's kick this pig! PM me and let's get acquainted.

Joseph Bartone

Sound for picture Los Angeles. Features and day play. Low rates. Full package and boom op. Hit me for details and resume.

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