Anything Goes : Request by KPahsha Mutale

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KPahsha Mutale


People People please hear me out, I have been accepted to Study film making at the New York Film Academy starting in September 2013. But right now as i write to you, i need financial help, in form of Scholarship, grant or other forms any of you would think off. Please people, this is a big chance for me. Any ideas?

Pilli Cortese

Kickstarter campaign

Djibril W Nikiema

no dont go there. you can use that money and buy some filmmaking equipments, then you can go on youtube look for directors that will be better then film school

Kerry Brent Hower

Well I spent years in film school and I did love the experience. I also got to use some very expensive equipment. That being is true that you learn a lot from "practical application" You can't become a better film maker if you're not making any.

KPahsha Mutale

Thank you people, you see, much of fund sourcing for movies in my experience, i have always been asked about my experience and a big CV to show how much work i have done. a director, in my part of the world its not easy to get one. Advice, Kerry say something, you too Djibril

Keverne Eason Mapp

Make a film about it all!

Djibril W Nikiema

what you can do is get like a canon t4i, some guud sound equipment and good lighting equipment. after that. try to make at least one short film every week. and watch scene from movies and try to redo it. i promess withing one year your will become 50 times better than a fresh out film school student. film school is just t have fun and get some friends. which now the internet is for.

Julian Nabunya

try indiego site or other social funding site , have an account where people can deposite their pledge , , for now even if some one here wants to give , how can they offer , where to deposite etc besides how much do you need ? if you have already done that please put it in this note , good luck with your ambition . Julian .

Karen Costa

Ahh if only we had a dollar for every time our heart pounded.. u'd be a rich man? All the best and Good luck !

Jason Bradford

Student loans.

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