Your Stage : Sparcity by Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov

Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov


Hi. Please take a look at this awesome trailer for SPARCITY that I have been working on over the past few months. This is a brief look into a dystopian sci-fi thriller we hope to create in the near future. Please help us make that a reality by watching the Sparcity trailer: , following Sparcity on Instagram, Sparcity on Twitter and liking the Sparcity Facebook page. We'd love it if you would share the trailer with your friends, because the more momentum we get, the more likely we are to give you a sweet first season!

T Cristina Alencar

Great trailer. When is the release? I wish I could be part in a project like that. Good luck.

Darwin Reina

pretty cool!!!

Lina Jones

Love it! I have a new project going on that could help you get a public opinion you might be interested in can you email me at Thanks

Courtney Miller

This looks fantasticKristian!

Wayne Jarman

Very impressive! Well done.

Luis G Prieto

Look really good

Paula Brathwaite

Whoa, this is great! I'm liking the concept and the production quality too. I don't have Twitter, but I did find the Facebook page. This trailer should be on YouTube also, if it isn't already. Well done!

Lina Jones

I would like to share your trailer on my show can you email me at

Troy Ruff

Looks amazing! Great Job

Allan R. Sinclair

Wow! Amazing work you and your cast and crew have done!

Christopher Stadulis

Very nice trailer. Elysium meets The Book of Eli is what came to mind without anything else. Good luck.

Theresa Nichols Bender

Nice trailer!

Aria Brice

Amazing work! Well done!

Harriett Samuels

I like it.

Tony Fisher

Great trailer, also very interesting concept.

Kristopher M. Satchell

Very cool

Peter Butler

This looks great. Would love to do an interview with you about the challenges in making it.

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