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Anything Goes : T.V Series concept... What next? by Benjamin L. Harris

Benjamin L. Harris

T.V Series concept... What next?

I have been writing feature length films for the past ten years and I am continually coming up with ideas that would work far better as a television series than as a film so therefor I write a brief and put it to the side. It is a personal choice not to write television as I don't like filling airtime with "fluff" but there is one television concept I simply cannot shake from my mind that I can almost guarantee (I did say "almost") that it will be a smash hit... My question is "where do I go from here as I have the idea but do not wish to personally pursue writing it yet still own concept/story rights?

D Marcus

I'm sorry to tell you that what you want to do is almost (I did say "almost") impossible. In TV the show creator is someone at the very top of their career - especially a creator who does not wish to write. Where you do from here is to contact experienced show runners and pitch your concept to them. Again, that's almost (I did say "almost") impossible because they have dozens of concepts they are pitching every year. Unfortunately there really isn't a short cut to series creator. But you should take my word for it; research established show creators/runners and set up a meeting.

Benjamin L. Harris

I just don't want to be left out of the credits... To put simply the not to go unmentioned

Keith Rafalko

D Marcus is correct. A creator must have fleshed out work, such as a pilot plus another episode and a killer bible. If you don't have this they will consider you a "idea guy". Believe me they get hit daily with "Ideas". 99.99% are crap and are tossed out. They want to see fleshed out stuff. I am not saying your idea is crap by NO means but they will consider it that without proper work.

Benjamin L. Harris

Thank you to the both of you! I am more than happy to write a detailed bible and pilot ep to get the ball rolling on this

Benjamin L. Harris

Thanks for the feedback but as stated it is not something I wish to venture into not "get stuck in" a pilot and bible would be more than sufficient to give them an overall concept of how far it can go

Benjamin L. Harris

Both extremely valid points!

Benjamin L. Harris

If any of you are interested feel free to private message me

Holly Nicole

I recently pitched a concept to a large us network and presented a one page document to them. They loved it and would have taken it however it was an aussie based one, not US. I suggest that you research how to write a pitch doc and submission letter and state your terms there.

Benjamin L. Harris

Recent update: one of the major production companies has requested me to write a feature film script so I have decided to put this on the back burner for the time being :)

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