Anything Goes : This is not advertising. It's pure ecstasy!! by Amit Mehra

Amit Mehra

This is not advertising. It's pure ecstasy!!

Rachel Metzger

Love this! Kind of disappointing that it's an ad for some inanimate concept/product... but the sequence itself is beautiful.

Daniel Thorpe

Advert or not, this is stunning.

Cindy F. Griffin


Sye Muhammad

I love this Its like the beginning of the evolution, time and spaciousness of love

Sye Muhammad

Well done! I'm a fan.

Jean Sulli


Amit Mehra

I must clarify, this advert has not been done by me. I share anything I find beautiful.

Jean Sulli

Glad you shared it! It was simple and sweet - and powerful. I would like better adjectives to describe this: writers of the world: watch this and comment please!

Rick Halpern

Wonderful. Just wonderful!

Swan Harris

loved it

Gwen Harris


Petula Beckles

This is awesome!

Dale Sumner

In some ways it is disappointing! You have what is a perfect, beautiful piece of film making, and then some meaningless, pointless connection to a product, a brand. YUK! It would have been a masterpiece if it had been a message about love and commitment, plain and simple. However, it is in it's own right a stunning piece of work. Well done!

Rhonda Blackadder

yes well its what we all want to feel alive and inspired that never ends....together can be the best thing and make everything look super coloured and then when it ends, hmmmmm you only know true love when you have the ultimate love = higher love and understand what that means in ones life...peace ...light

Laura Tabor-Huerta


Laura Tabor-Huerta

Wow again!

Marlene Dollinger

loved it too..:)

Debbie Jennings

very cool

Roger Scouton

Awesome concept, great actors, killer editing.... damn .... spot on! And the winner is....

Rachel Metzger

Dale, that was my reaction, too. I felt sucker-punched at the end when the Vodafone tag came up. Total mismatch in emotional values and thematic relevance. Their point is supposedly that good things are meant to last, but a hallmark characteristic of all things technology is that they quickly become obsolete and replaced with new technology. Nice try on trying to negate that but I don't buy it - plus I just have a bad taste in my mouth from being sucker punched, which I'm pretty sure wasn't their intention. But then again... here we are discussing Vodafone. Bingo! But bottom line, and this is the point I'm sure Amit was making, and that we all as lovers of film and video agree on: the actual sequence is absolutely stunning, albeit misused.

Julian Nabunya

great actors .

Robyn J Keating

I loved this !!! Very moving - It had my belly speaking to me -as it reacted to the three different set of ages -within their intense emotional moments captured- and at the end really hit my emotional being- as I looked back in a micro second flash of my past. THANK YOU <3

Warren Weisman

No doubt nicely done. Might be a little overkill for a phone company.

Amit Mehra

Blaming the phone co. or branding is a moot point. This film won't have got made if the company did not want an ad. It's not a film branded by the co. It's an ad that has gone beyond the limitations of an ad and tells a story as poignant as a full length film could.

Warren Weisman

Well, there's a fine line between pathos and bathos.I guess if it increases sales that's really all that matters.

Victor Plume

One thing for certain, it's advertising vodafone. It's a good ad though. Here's a piece of art advertising a piece of my comedy work. Enjoy...

Robyn J Keating

Hahahahahahaha :))))) I'm an Auzzie lol Funny as ........

Victor Plume

Thanks Robyn, Oi times 3 :-D

Norberto Moreau


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