Acting : To All Talent: How did you book a role/land a job in a major production? by Actress Cherylwonner

To All Talent: How did you book a role/land a job in a major production?

Kindly post your comments and share detailed information for roles/jobs booked for major film/theater productions, major tv networks, national commercials, national print work, etc.

Cooper Shaw

I booked a lead role in the world premiere theatrical production of Lea Romeo's "Connected" with HotCity Theatre. I attended the theatre's EPA's, and booked the gig off of that. I also booked a lead role in the world premiere theatrical production of "The Rubber Room", by Roland Tec & Gary Garrison in NYC. I booked that through a dear friend, who was a part of the production team, and called me up one day, asking, "Hey, you do Improv, right? What's your schedule like starting next week?" I replied, "Yes, I do improv! And next week? I can always be flexible." I have representation, and they have gotten my foot in the door for major TV shows, films and national commercials and print work. So, it's amazing to have people in my corner, for sure. Though, most of the major work that I've booked? I've booked on my own. Either from auditioning, or just by having really awesome friends who call me up and ask me to play with them. (shrugs) Go figure. I guess it's true what they say...After a while, you meet enough people, and make enough connections, that things just kinda start happening.

Ren Kennedy

I booked a principal role on Untold Stories of the E.R. my agent got me the audition based on my photo. I met with producers the following day and rolled out my best Texan drawl and just had fun with it - I was hired on the spot and went on to speak for the first time in television, 9 scenes - and I was hooked :)

Aurel Dicu - Actor/Stuntman

I was chosen from many stunts, during filming, because I riding horse very well and the director need an (actor) to ride and fight with sword like a pro... so if you know that some time is enough ....I'm not a professional actor, I'm a profesional stuntman but I can give replicas of galloping horse :) ... (sorry for my english)

Fredrik Blom

Being a stunt performer and living in another part of the world, Sweden, I guess things for me work a bit different. And mind You that most major Swedish productions are (budget wise) comparable to low budget productions in the US. Even for actors it is quite uncommon to have agents in the same sense as in the US. There are casting agencies, but that's first and foremost for models, commercials and things like that, and also for extras. Actors that want to get work abroad (and many do), get agents in other countries. As a stunt performer, 50-60% of the jobs I get (and probably around 80% if we're talking major productions) comes from a stunt coordinator who knows (of) me and think I suit for a specific job (either as a stunt double, as a stunt actor, or as just a "generic" stunt performer in the background). The rest of the jobs comes from either knowing someone in the production team or from open auditions. My latest major job was as a stunt actor in a coming high profile TV series. Got the job from the stunt coordinator who thought I fit the role (apparently). First time I worked with this particular coordinator. Not much acting though, but still - I had to go through 4-5 scenes of improvised dialogue before I got killed :) Okay, long rant, but there You go.

Ronald R Bush

My latest project was with the National Geographic channel. The audition was strictly improv. Kind of piggy backs on what Cooper Shaw said.

Emily Haigh

I book film and television work through my agent, voice over work I book through a contact. Music Videos I tend to do mainly through people who have seen my work and get recommendations. But I always keep my eye out for more work.

Cindy Myskiw

I haven't booked anything YET. But I will. I practice and update my info everyday. Always looking for ways to improve my Craft. So when I DO book I will know I earned it.

Karla Avendano

As an actress I haven't booked anything big yet, but I know I will someday... As in for major tv networks, I was helping the communication team from my University with their radio at an event the University held and there was the owner of a major local tv network, he saw me interviewing and later that same day the director of the tv network came straight to me and asked if I ever worked on TV, I said no and he said he liked what I did, next thing I was hired.

Maisha Guy

I haven't booked anything. But I did make a Youtube video interview for an upcoming reality show. It was requested, so I did it. Got a few views. Now I'm patiently waiting.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

You can audition. Join a good talent agency, one that lists in the legit directories. Take acting lessons with the right people, show your craft, and network in acting class. It might be an idea to start as an extra.

Ren Kennedy

Second story - I booked a pilot with Jon Stamos that shot in March - I got the call from my agent at 7:00pm that I had to sing a song in Norwegian the next day and look as Norwegian as possible - I showed up the next day to the audition and sang my heart out my hair in braids my blonde hair extra shiny and I booked it - we shot it in a mansion in Langley BC and I stood beside Jon for the whole scene - it was a huge win and got my first union credit which brought me into the professional actor's union :)

Doug Huggins

I hooked up with my publisher through connections from a play that I did. It is important that when you are working on something that you are passionate about, you tell people. You don't have to be pushy or obnoxious about it, but people can't help you if they don't know what your trying to accomplish.

Paul Cascante

I got the part in "General Hospital" through my agent at the time as a guest principal. They wanted a hispanic accent which for me wasn't difficult since I've been bilingual my whole life. They liked what I did and got the part. As for the part in "Arrest & Trial" (my agent got me the audition), the audition was more like an interview wherein the responded to their questions as the character I created at the interview. I have gotten other gigs throughout my many years of acting, including where I'm now living for the past 10 plus years - Shanghai, China and where I auditioned and got a part in the TV movie, "Marco Polo." Overall, for me, when I audition for a part, I focus on developing a character and being that character regardless of whether I have a day or 5 minutes to do so. It's important become that character when auditioning, to feel, be, react in the moment and be natural, not interpret, edit or censor how that character should be.

PJ Edwards

Got a national commercial for INTEL (though it was really a short film) because I had previous experience with the producer. I had participated on one of their earlier short films and I guess they liked me. Also got a part on tv show on Starz called The Wannabes because I worked as an extra one day and the director called me back to play a different role as part of the cast. That role of Matt McBride came back for 3 other episodes. Also got a national commercial/print job with Cedar Point, mostly by look but I also have long history with casting director which I am sure didn't hurt.

Cynthia Garbutt

I got a 4 word line in a feature film, "360" opposite Anthony Hopkins. I'm an American in London, and I use an online casting agency (mostly SA or SA featured work, non-Equity/non-union). They were looking for American's for small roles in the film, so I got cast as a flight attendant. While on-set the 2nd AD offered me the part, which I accepted in a heartbeat (even though I didn't get any extra money, on the cheap you know). The scene didn't make the final cut. However, I did make the film's IMDb uncredited cast list. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Hopkins and to be directed by Fernando Mierelles. BTW it was my very first time on a movie set.

Michele Seidman

I am going to guess that 90% of us did it by building a resume, getting an agent, going to auditions and getting rejected til the perfect fit came along!

Patrick Price

I booked a few major gigs through a friend of agent.

Aldon Baker

All of my gigs have been either through a friend, or someone i became friends with!

Cho & Nilla

I don't know if this relates. We are content creators so we produce and present podcasts, blogs and vlogs in our network. How we landed our position or show on the radio came as a fluke. I always network with any and everybody as to what I do and what I am up too when they ask. A new restaurant open up in our area and was I telling the owner about our show. She mentioned she listen to the local community station at work and told me one of the DJ / Announcers comes to the restaurant quite often to eat and I should give him a call. I hesitated cause at the time the demographic looked a little older then our listeners so I didn't bother. Until summer came 2 years ago and the owner email me and said . I listed to your show and this station needs content like yours to shake things up, they are accepting new ideas this summer, here is the application go for it and I called them about you.... The rest is history. Most of our opportunities comes and continue to be coming from me reaching out but mostly by communicating to others what I do or collaborating with others where we can both win in promoting ourselves.

jackee minelli

i got my from another acting site, i love this site i have meet alot of people on here

Kris Kemp

Start as an extra and work your way up. Network and network and network.

Dennis P. Mitchell

Well I don't have much experience in the world of screen writing for profit.I am currently starting a project that will be a web series. So if anyone has any ideas or can help me out, I would appreciate it.

Czerny Lee Miller

Mostly, its having what they're looking for in a character. I was cast in two principal roles of the series, "In the Heat of the Night." I may have gotten three but the character that I "thought" would be a good fit for me turned out to be a "thug-type" and they cast a good friend of mine (who looked "thugish"). 'Didn't feel so bad after I saw the episode, he got shot and killed in rhe end (LOL)!! Just keep auditioning. Eventually, you'll have the fit they're looking for in a character and get the role.

Phinias B. Elijah

One thing that I can say is that you got to have what impresses the casting director. I have not been in industry for so long but to get my first gig I did some trick then the role was mine

Scot Cooper

It's like any audition. Do something that no other actor will do in the scene. Being different stands out, and get's people noticing.

Sunil Osman

Hard work. Dedication and genuine passion.

Czerny Lee Miller

I'm fine, Alisha. How are you?

Czerny Lee Miller

Get and agent and audition and audition and audition. Persistence works!

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