Anything Goes : Tv Producer and their involvement by John McHale

Tv Producer and their involvement

Can anyone give me an idea how much involvement a producer has in the actual film making. are they there to add artistic assistance to the Director(s) or to deal with the hiring of suitable, crew , actors and the financing of the venture. any guidance appreciated.

David Landau

In which type of TV production? Talk shows, games show, sit-coms, long form drama, soaps, sports, news? In Reality TV and TV magazine shows there are segment producers who do everything from lining up the interviews and getting locations to editing the questions that will be asked. In episodic drama they run the show - more than the director. Directors are guests who come in on a per show basis, while the producer keeps everything running. In comedy shows, often te head writer is also one of the producers. Andy Breckman, head writer and ex producer on te TV show Monk, once told the company that they could never hire a certain director back again because in the final show he had killed all the humor. TV is a writer/ producer medium, while Movies are considered a director's medium.

John McHale

Great thanks wasn't really sure what genre it was for.

Larry Kostroff

In feature films, it is difficult to know what each producer contributes. I'm sure you have noticed films that have 6 or 7 names listed a producer. They may have found the script, secured financing, attached the leads or director, or, in some cases, merely a courtesy credit for some service provided in the past. The only "producer" whose job function is always known is the Line Producer, who is somewhat the alter ego of the Production Manager in that they hire the crew, make the deals, monitor the budget, issue cost reports, and finally, actively supervise the set operaton. Having said all that, be aware there is room for some flexibility since every project establishes its own precident with relationships unique to that project.

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