Anything Goes : cheap locations to shoot in bklyn, queens, bronx by Frank Livintston

cheap locations to shoot in bklyn, queens, bronx

Does anybody know of a good place to post a listing to find a location to shoot in? I need a kitchen a dinning room and a tv room preferably in one house. I need to secure a location before I start casting and I'm having real trouble on this part. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Mike Stivala

Frank - I assume you've tried the obvious, your place, friend's houses/apartments? If your buddies are unwilling to let you use their place, sweeten the pot by offering them a small role in the project. Also - do you know anyone working in real estate? There are lots of unrented, furnished apts in NYC and if you can connect with a someone who's a real estate agent (and give him/her a credit for their time) maybe they can let you shoot in an unrented place?

Frank Livintston

Thank you for your advice. I tried everything you mentioned except the real estate agents. I'm going to try that immediately. Thanks!

Torri Koppenaal

And how long do you need this for?

Chris Hackett

Airbnb, look through the listings. Be up front about what you are filming and since its a per night fee you have a whole day to night in a space. I've done two shoots this way. Ask to see the space but don't be surprised if that shuts down the deal.

Frank Livintston

Chris, Thank you for the Air BnB idea. I'll look into that. Torri, I'm not big on production so I really can't give you a time. We are shooting 13 5-8 minute episodes. We'd like to shoot these as fast as possible so we can move on to post and promotion. If you're interested in hearing more I can send you the script so you can see what we're doing.

Torri Koppenaal

Frank do you plan to shoot all 13 episodes in one day or on 13 different days?

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