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Gregory G. Allen

Book Trailer

Hey all - this is the book trailer for my latest novel COOL SIDE OF THE PILLOW. Would love to see an indie filmmaker take notice of the book to use as source material for film. (We're supposed to dream it, right?)

L Fabry

Hi Greg, Had a chance to look over your preview and it seems like a good basis for a story. But I'm a little confused as to what it's about. It seems like single dad sends son off to school, falls for woman, and then....? Rabbit hole is good but I need more detail on what the rabbit hole is. Drugs? Murder? Insanity? Of course there's self-discovery, but what activity is driving it? Hope it's helpful, apologies if it's not.

Gregory G. Allen

L - thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. You are correct: I don't mention what her rabbit hole entails when he becomes wrapped up in her children's theater company as well as secrets about her past. Novelist/book publishers run that same fine line of telling too much in a book blurb trailer (or not enough) the same as filmmakers do when they show you the entire movie in a trailer. Thanks for taking the time to watch it.

Arthur Wooten

I've read Cool Side Of The Pillow - and honestly, it would make a great film adaptation!

Gregory G. Allen

Thanks, Arthur. That's what this site is for, right? Connecting with all those artists!

Gregory G. Allen

Thanks, MIchael. Really appreciate it. Book just came out in still fairly new. ;-)

Roger Scouton

Your trailer is wonderful. Great imagery! You have provided me a high bar to shoot for.

Gregory G. Allen

Thanks Roger! Just tried to pick moments out of the story to share with readers (visually). Thanks for watching it.

Cindy Baccus

Great trailer! Have you shared this within the Google+ Indie film producer circles or the Film Festival groups? Great location to share & maybe one of them will get excited. Awesome New Movie for someone wanting to get noticed. Oh, where can I find your novel?

Gregory G. Allen

Thanks, Cindy. I haven't seen that group on Google + (I'm so not great at the social media site), but I need to find it. Oh...and here is the link to the novel. Thanks again for your feedback!

Shannon Scarlett Murtagh

After seeing the trailer I am really looking forward to reading the book, good luck with it.

Gregory G. Allen

Michael - the cover was done by: Shannon...thanks so much! It's available as a download on Amazon. :-)

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