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Robert Gately


My ebook was just recently published and I’m shamelessly asking for your help. The title is “FILLOSSOFEE – MESSAGES FROM A GRANDFATHER” and can be gotten on amazon (kindle, nook or PC). As you can imagine, it’s a philosophy book inspired by my grandchildren who are more likely to be dancing to “Gangnam Style” music than Doo-Wop, and more likely to be playing “Bubble Witch 2” on the computer than touch football in an open field. I was concerned about their shrinking curiosity about the world around them so I began writing my views of life. It’s a 55K word philosophy book whose subjects range from history (Copernicus, Pythagoras, the Gnostics, etc.) and physics (The Big Bang, The Big Crunch, Relativity, etc.) and logic/religion (The Trolley Problem, reincarnation, radical movements, etc.). With this work I’ve tried to show my 10 grandchildren (and 3 great-grandchildren when they get older) that character and integrity are NOT about how they perform when everything goes right but, rather, how they perform when everything goes wrong: a daunting task when their noses are buried in their social networks and communication devices. I’ve introduced tough subjects, but I do it where they can learn a few things along the way, like the moon is retreating from us at a rate of 1.48 inches a year, which is about the same rate our fingernails grow. Not much to concern ourselves with now, but just wait a few million years (lol). If you do read the book don’t be afraid to write a review. You can just go on amazon and query for “Fillossofee” or you can reach the amazon site through Thanks in advance.

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