Your Stage : Forgotten in Time - A short film about dementia Indiegogo campaign! by Andrea Jovanovska

Andrea Jovanovska

Forgotten in Time - A short film about dementia Indiegogo campaign!

Forgotten in Time is a story about Tim, an elderly man struggling with the challenges of dementia and loneliness. Our intention is to explore the subject from his perspective as the character reaches a meltdown at the peak of his confused state, and to show problems that dementia sufferers encounter in what was once a familiar world. This film also aims to raise awareness of the loneliness that many people face in their later years and the frustration of not being able to care for themselves.

We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help us fund this film.

Most of our budget will go towards props for set dressing, payment of our actor and securing a location.

We will donate 10% of the money raised to the Alzeimer's Society.

Any donation, big or small, is highly appreciated, as well as any shares amongst friends and family!

Forgotten in Time - A short film about dementia
Forgotten in Time - A short film about dementia
A short film about an old man struggling to hold on to reality in a world distorted by dementia. | Check out 'Forgotten in Time - A short film about dementia' on Indiegogo.
Tony Ginn

Andrea, this a great subject and story line! I have been researching dementia that hopefully you may be interested in as it relates to Diabetes affects on Dementia! Diabetes, Dementia can be a deadly combination. The risk of death from dangerously low blood sugar is much higher among seniors who have both diabetes and dementia than those with diabetes alone; a study finds. Researchers analyzed data from nearly 20,000 people age 65 and older with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who were followed for up to five years after their first recorded low blood sugar episode. Those both with diabetes and dementia had a 67% higher risk of death following dangerously low blood sugar than those with diabetes alone. Good luck on your fundraising campaign! You may want to look into and Have a Safe and Sane 4thh of July Holiday and Have a Blessed Day!

Andrea Jovanovska

Thank you, Tony. I really appreciate your reply. Have a great day!

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