Your Stage : Here's one way to PITCH IT QUICK, AND MAKE IT STICK! by Heather Perrine Shreve

Heather Perrine Shreve


We are all so visually driven, and most of you out there have the technology to make a video, or something to create a trailer/sizzle reel. Here is the way I condense stories/loglines into something VISUAL ( and audible) so people get a better idea of the premise. Is this the future? Love to hear what you think...,

Lena Claybon

Great idea! Great sizzle! Best of luck!

David A. Barak

I like the concept, but - and this is meant to help - you've got a lot of time periods mixed up in the trailer. The music sounds like that from the 1920s and 1930s, the aircraft, some of the battle shots are from WW2 and the event itself (Bataan Death March) are from the 1940s, but you mention WW1 at the beginning, which (for the U.S.) was 1917 to 1918. These are some details you should get in sync so when you pitch your idea the "pitchees" will feel confident you know what you're writing about. It's especially important for period pieces, and doubly important if you story is based on real people.

Marilyn Parel

Well, guess I don't know as much as other commenters, but I loved it. Good idea!

Heather Perrine Shreve

I know about the WWII planes- they need to be changed to WWI. But it does span almost 30 years of time so it does go from 1921- (WWI) to the end of the 40', yes- Jazz age to swing. It is done with nothing special in video terms... I know... thanks for your feed back.

Stephen Thor

i like the premise / storyline. anything to do with ww1/ww2 i generally watch. is this about the trials of a relative of yours? if so i cannot think of a better way to immortalize the memory of an honorable man such as this one or the stories of other heroes, of whom 99% of (civilian) people never heard, cared about or remember. i hope your project is that rare exception... it is a great thing you are doing... stephen thor

Heather Perrine Shreve

Thanks Stephen... It is my grandfather...! And, let me tell you- this is just the HALF of IT! OMG- what an amazing survival story. The script is about half completed. It just gets is the second "half" of the story, another angle. ( Note- my art in here :)) I plan on pitching this script this summer.

Heather Perrine Shreve

And, to all the people who think this video is "amateurish"- Maybe, but if it evokes emotion and tells a story- I've done my job.

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