Your Stage : My Courses For Writers Coming Soon by Stephanie Bourbon (Olivieri)

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Stephanie Bourbon (Olivieri)

My Courses For Writers Coming Soon

Hey, everyone, I have a new website and my STORY CONCIERGE course for writers is going to be opening up very soon. This is my signature course and it came out of working with writers for the last 10 years.

I have developed this course to arm writers with all the tools they need to succeed and make it as a writer in all aspects of their writing. Which means, in Story Concierge I cover the following:

Week one: Genre Clarity so you know exactly what you are writing, your big why and where you fit in.

Week two: Craft: which is one week to cover the basics of craft-plot, voice, character, dialogue, and get specific to what you need

Week three: Websites & the business side of being a writer

Week four: Social Media and networking

Week five: Query and Pitching.

Week six: Mindset, focus and wrapping it all up.

I'm also going to be working one on one with writers who pay for the course all in one payment.

I'm super excited to share it with you all here. This year is the first year I have turned all my one on one coaching into a course so it's more affordable and accessible to writers.

So please check out my new site and sign up to be a VIP so you will be first to get details and specials. I am also going to have a FREE mini-course coming up soon.

Other topics in Your Stage:

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