Your Stage : NEW trailer for my film by Marcelo Grion

Marcelo Grion

NEW trailer for my film

Mylissa Marshall

just shared it on FB & TW

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Mylissa!

Pirate Apostle

Sweetness. That is awesomous. Keep at it your skilled.

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Pirate!

Steve Lareau

Look's pretty amazing Marcelo, great FX and the story seems really interesting. Great job, keep up your excellent work! Take care

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Steve very much!

Amber Lucille Brown

I love it!

Marcelo Grion


Guy Bleyaert

I like it, good work Marcelo !

Marcelo Grion

Thank you GUY

Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Nice job! Looking forward to the release!

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Lisa

Eliezer Vergara

Great concept! Good luck with the release!

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Eliezer

Ramesh Ragav

wow Dear Marcelo... it s great work.. really I appreciate your great self confidence ... I am just going through your Interview how you raised your fund.. amazing.. u talk out of your heart.... I can understand yur pain and you are going to HIT THE BOX OFFICE .. don't worry.. from 2015 your reign starts .. I could see that.. you are another big producer and director from now on... as much as the Spielberg...your special effects are great ... congrats to Mr.Venkatakrishnan Alwar... he is a guy of my country origin.. ( Indian ).. he had made a pride to my people... Thanks Venkat... keep that going .... 15 years ... OMG... you will be paid back well by the Universe ... 15 years was just too long may be just because you had been in the Industry .. too young..of 11 years of age.. that s all....any way .. this is the RIGHT TIME for your project.. your work is at par to any successful existing known big directors... to me ( I talk as an audience of a Hollywood movies I watch here in India )... so soon I am going to see you successfully launch your " PROTOTYPE" and with the huge profit start for your next project soon.. and this time you are going to make your second project in a very short record duration as now in are WEALTHY and a SUCCESSFUL PRODUCER .. so no need to run around for the fund.. GREAT LUCK and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR ... friend..... ALL THE BEST.... it is TIME to OPEN UP your Champagne.

Marcelo Grion

Hi Ramesh, that has to be the greatest most sincere and honest comment I have received in a long time, thank you so much for your support and you are right, India rocks!! thank you very much and Happy New year!!!! let's stay in touch

Ramesh Ragav

Thank U ... friend... u deserve my comments and .....So Marcelo , when u schedule to release... Have you finished with all production ... what s the current status?? So you would releasing throughout the globe ..??

Marcelo Grion

Hi Ramesh, we are currently in post production and moving as fast $ as possible, the company handling the sales is fantastic films international- next film market they are taking the film to is Berlinale -European film market - Thank you

Laudane L. Martin

Great work , God bless you and full success . .... I watching the trailer that was so nice.

Marcelo Grion

Thank you Laudane!!!

Laudane L. Martin

It's a pleasure , I wish you the best of all.

Michael Campo


Marcelo Grion

Thank you!

Sai Pillay


Angelo Raza

I was not able to access the trailer

Sebastian DiGirolomo

Amazing trailer

Ryan Christiansen

WOW!...Looks awesome!

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