Your Stage : Political Comedy screenplay from total newbie by Brian Roney

Brian Roney

Political Comedy screenplay from total newbie

Much to my surprise, I've actually completed one of my random author interludes. So now I have a political comedy script. Much more to my surprise, the people I've had read it seem to like it. Which means I should probably do something with it. I've had some of my friends review it, and I've done a few edit passes, and I have a readthrough scheduled with some of my friends to see how well the dialogue translates to speech. But I have no idea what's supposed to come next. I don't have any screenwriter friends to tell me if I'm horribly lacking in action description, or if I should be more or less explicit when it comes to shots... and I don't know whether I should kickstarter something and try to make it into an actual movie with local talent, or try to sell it somewhere (and what I would have to do if that was even my goal). Suggestions or reviews would be welcome.

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