Your Stage : Spec script for the 2006 DEJA VU movie. by Jay Han-San

Jay Han-San

Spec script for the 2006 DEJA VU movie.

Always loved that movie, love the work of Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott (all of his movies and collaboration with Denzel Washington).

So this spec script is just my modest way of saying thank you (All IPs belong to the rightsholders).


WORKING TITLE: The DEJAVU Project (TV version)


Videogames consultant joins hands with a Virtual Reality private military technology firm to come back in time, save the lives of citizens, and uncover a plot.


Spec Script for TV version of the DEJA VU (2006) movie.

In this show, we follow a regular guy Andy who joins hands with an Augmented and Virtual Reality private military technology firm that managed to find a way to look into the past. Andy will have to come back in time as a "Runner" to save the lives of citizens and uncover a plot.

RAKE TECH hires Andy and sends him to a secret Virtual Reality Lab. He joins a group of scientists and field agents to fight crime by using the DEJA VU technology that allows them to look into the past, exactly 14 days back in time. He has to train and help solve cases of terrorism and accidents. Everything starts with quick onboarding and intro into what he has to go through. Aria, his counterpart, and Andy are being sent to Portugal, Lisbon 14 days in the past. They need to help stop the accident at the train station. They can't stop the derailment, but they can scare off the people from the platform.

Things get messy when they come back in to present. Something changed, lives have been saved, but a friend of Andy's missing as if she never existed. This makes Andy nervous. Aria holds another secret and the time travel on another 24-hour training mission to Paris that begins for both of them with a surprise visit by the shadow organization that has similar technology, or so it seems. Aria disappears. Andy is all alone now in Paris.


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Jay Han-San

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Jay Han-San

Some additional information update to the post and logline:


1) Andy (recruit) is not a rookie in this game - he's the guy who invented DEJAVU technology together with Fitz - he wiped his memory voluntarily to make sure the technology won't be re-built by bad guys.

2) Aria - as you know, is Gina. Aria doesn't know she's Gina, and Gina didn't know she's Aria. Her memory and past were substituted with simulated past by Andy when he was still a designer and mastermind behind the technology. He chose her to be the “Runner #1”

3) What's driving Andy in the pilot episode - well, it's all there - Gina, waitress, the only person he can actually relate to disappears - like she never existed. And at the end of the episode, Aria disappears - now it's pretty obvious that apart from finding out what's going on - he will be looking for both Aria and Gina.

4) The original story of the DEJA VU movie (2006) – Doug (ATF agent) falls in love with a dead girl from the ME's office, washed up onshore after an explosion on the ferry. Then he goes back in time to save the girl.

Well, here, Andy will have to solve the time-matrix puzzle to save Gina, not Aria, not the World, Gina, that drug addict on a recovery path. The sub-plot is that he has to find out at some point that he's not videogame Andy - he's Professor Andy Kovac the creator of the magnificent yet dangerous machine.

5) The powerhouse - throughout Season 1 - Andy and his team will be chasing an organization that they think they know well (Fitz from the future), but only by Episode 20 they realize that Fitz works for Andy from the future and there is a bigger plot to create the powerhouse to alter the entire past and substitute our lives with the story that will make us think it's our actual past, present and future. The motives behind that are yet to be discovered by the videogame Andy, Aria, the good Fitz and the rest of the team from the present we know.


Episode 2:

We follow Andy in his 24-hour training cycle in Paris. He has to find Aria. But there is a mission that he has to solve. Two weeks in the future (or present for us), there will be an assassination of a diplomat in Paris. The team pulls Andy back the moment (10 minutes into the episode) and they tell him that the attack is imminent and he is the only Runner they have. Fitz will equip Andy with a special device that will allow him to look at the same place from different vantage points (same as we had in the original movie with shifting angle at very high speed). But remember Andy is a storyteller for videogames, he has skills to lay the perfect story. At least that’s his understanding of his past. He knows how to construct multi-level games like “Hitman” etc, so he has to make a plan and predict all the scenarios that can happen on his way to the point where he has to save the diplomat and stop the

Assassination. The tricky part of this episode is that he will find Aria half-alive in the vicinity of the diplomat. There will be a limited timeframe for him to act - and he will have to choose who he wants to save. Tough decision…

Jay Han-San

Original Movie trailer with some music mashup (1982 Le Marginal, movie score):

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