Your Stage : TRUE COLORS SHOW...or do they? -- Enjoy Valerie & Vic in "Mask-Erade"! by William Joseph Hill

William Joseph Hill

TRUE COLORS SHOW...or do they? -- Enjoy Valerie & Vic in "Mask-Erade"!

TRUE COLORS SHOW...or do they? -- Enjoy Valerie & Vic in "Mask-Erade"!

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w/ Pamela Hill in Season 1- Episode 11

Outtakes after credits!

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William Joseph Hill

Hey Damian Lloyd ! Our article we (with my wife Pamela Hill ) wrote about our web series "That Darn Girlfriend" and our Four Scorpio Productions was just published on Stage 32! :) Here's a link: Enjoy! :) Thank you for your positive support. Take care.

John Ninnis

I actually love this. Pamela Hill is funny and believable.

William Joseph Hill

Thank you, John Ninnis ! Pamela is the heart of the show. We're so glad you enjoyed it! We're currently on Season 2. Take care.

Pamela Hill

Thank you John Ninnis for your kind comment! Glad you enjoyed our comedic web series "That Darn Girlfriend"! William and I wrote an article on the making of "That Darn Girlfriend" that was published on Stage 32 last Saturday! We are currently in season 2. Here's a link: Take care. :)

Karen E Ross

Hey, William Joseph Hill! I'm giving feedback on Fridays as part of a #FilmmakerFriday thing I'm trying! If you'd like to participate, scroll through Your Stage ( and give feedback to at least three other videos that have posted! Then, copy and paste this info for them to join.

I enjoyed the music and laugh track - it really helped to enforce the tone. The big thing I didn't understand was the problem. I went back and realized it was because it was VO over a WS of the guy standing and walking away. Also, I'm not sure why it's the girlfriend's fault? I guess I would like to know the premise, the foundational conflict, in order to understand how this plays into that. Darma & Greg have a built-in conflict because of their upbrings, and thus families. What would your characters' built-in conflict be? How is this an example of that conflict?

Thanks for sharing! I hope the feedback is helpful, and I look forward to seeing your notes on others' posts, too!

William Joseph Hill

Thanks Karen E Ross ! Glad you liked it - - yes, we try to recreate that 1960s/70s feel. Our stories are basically just a simple premise. In this case, Vic left the apartment to drop off some mail. He thought it was okay because he thought it was the same clear mask that Valerie used in the beginning. As far as whose fault it is -- Valerie didn't expect Vic to take an impromptu trip in public, or she definitely would have warned him as she was using the "bargain" green face mask formula. Vic's not mad, just embarrassed being caught in public -- hence the title "Mask-Erade" .

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