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The Infinite Filmmaker

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Richard Smith

SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS I don’t believe that we were meant to have so much struggle in our lives as creative individuals in the entertainment business. With that said, I do believe that the only reason that we are experiencing struggle is because we aren’t aware of the Infinite Power and Presence that lies within each and every one of us to create the life that we desire to be living… and we don’t know how to connect with this Power and Presence. You must understand that when I speak about this Power and Presence, I am referring to that which created the universe and everything in it. It is the same Power of that creates an oak tree out of an acorn or a baby out of a sperm and ovum. It is the life force that is in everything and it is powerful beyond measure. Can you imagine what your life would look like if you could tap into this immense Power and use it to create the life you desire to be living? Wouldn’t that be what most of us artists have been searching for our whole lives… to connect with the innate creativity within us? As a matter of fact, I believe that what I am about to reveal to you in this blog, and my future blogs, is what the whole of mankind has been searching for since the beginning of time and if you get where I am coming from, I mean really get it, you will be able to create the life you desire without any limitations. In my own experience, I have been able to connect with this Power and Presence and have used it to benefit my life in a so many ways. I was able to buy a brand new Mazda 3 car when I had not only bad credit, but a “0” credit rating, I was able to marry my soul mate when I didn’t even think I was capable of having a relationship and I was able to provide my daughter with sisters when I thought I was too old to have children… something that I always wanted for her. Everything that has come to me has come in ways that are beyond anything that I could ever imagine at the time and has proven to me time and time again, that we are truly working with an Infinite Power and Presence that is at our command. I have overcome many obstacles in my life by understanding the simple laws and principles that govern the universe and everything in it and then consciously use these laws and principles to create a life that works for me and everyone around me. In order to give you a better understanding of these Laws and Principles, I will be using the metaphor of your life being a movie created by an Infinite Filmmaker and everything that the Infinite Filmmaker does in the universal movie, which is unlimited, It can and does do in your individual life’s movie.” With this metaphor in mind, let’s take look at the Infinite Filmmaker who is creating this universal movie that you, as one of Its characters, are experiencing as your life. So what do we know about this Infinite Filmmaker that will serve us in creating a life that works and works more effectively? We do know that the Infinite Filmmaker, by It's very nature, is Infinite and there is no limit to what It can create. When I look around me, I see a lavish world that is filled with so much substance and supply that it is nearly mind boggling and leaves me in awe of the Infinite Filmmakers ability to create whatever It desires in this universe. Each of us are experiencing our own individual movie, which is some aspect of the whole universal movie that is going on around us. Being part of the whole universal movie it stands to reason that our individual movies are also unlimited and all of our dreams have the potential to become a reality in our life. From the wardrobe department, to the location and set design departments, everything is possible for us to experience in our individual movie called “Life”. You want that new car, find the love of your life, create abundance and prosperity doing what you love most… it is not only possible but very likely once you become the conscious creator of your life and stop buying into the lack and limitation that has kept you from attaining it all.. What you will learn from this blog is that there is nothing to keep you from experiencing everything that you desire in your life. It is my purpose to expand your consciousness to the possibility that you can attain the abundance, prosperity and success, as an artist, that you so deserve to experience in your life's movie. The reason that I can say this is because I understand that it is through our consciousness that we create everything in our life. From the relationships we have in the business, to the objects that we use to create our art and even the amount of funding that we have for our projects… it is all held in place by our conscious awareness of its existence. As Jesus, the Infinite Filmmaker’s first assistant director once said, “It is measured according to your beliefs”. It is our belief in what we can have in life that brings it into manifestation and throughout this blog we will be strengthening our belief in a power greater than us that not only wants us to succeed but is providing us with whatever we need for that success.

Richard Smith

The Infinite Filmmaker is All Powerful Principle #1 The Infinite Filmmaker is All Powerful… As the omnipotent director of this ever expanding movie called Life, the Infinite Filmmaker has the ability to create whatever it desires in Its movie and without limitations. Now you have to ask yourself, what filmmaker who has the ability to create whatever they desire in their movie, would hold back from supplying each and every character with everything they need in order to create the best possible movie. The answer is they wouldn’t and neither does the Infinite Filmmaker hold back anything from you its most precious character.

Now if I were a filmmaker and I had that kind of power, then there is nothing that I would hold back from creating in my movie and I would make sure that everything that I could think of was written into the screenplay. The question to be considered here is that if the Infinite Filmmaker has the power to create anything and everything in this universal movie, then why is It holding back from creating the things in your life's movie that are important to you. I personally don't believe that the Infinite Filmmaker, who's nature is one of expansion and creation, is holding back anything from your life and I further affirm that it is YOU who is blocking any experiences that could bring you peace, joy, harmony and success in your life. The goal here is to discover what are the beliefs that are blocking you from receiving all of your “Good” in this life and then to immediately eliminate them from your consciousness. One of the beliefs that we have bought into, hook line and sinker, and the one that we must get rid of immediately, is the belief that we are somehow separate from our “Good” and that we have to live an imperfect life. I don’t believe that the Infinite Filmmaker does anything in an imperfect way because I don’t think that there is any imperfection in the greatest director of the greatest story ever told. This is the Story of “Life”, your life and my life and it is perfect, whole and complete in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker! If you get nothing else out of this blog then at least take this idea with you in whatever you pursue. “Your life is perfect, whole and complete and it is unfolding in perfect order”! When you approach life with this attitude you will open a space in your consciousness for perfection to reveal itself in and as and through your experiences. Everything that the Infinite Filmmaker does is perfect, whole and complete and when we begin to see it as such then we will begin to experience it as such. Everything in our lives which seems to be so chaotic and out of control at times was created, and is being created, to function perfectly and completely. Anything in our movie called “Life” that is not perfect or complete is that way because we are not letting the Infinite Filmmaker reveal Its’ version of our life’s movie. Instead we are creating our own version of our life’s movie based on fear, lack, limitation and discord. I believe we suffer because we are not conscious of this simple fact and are not aware of the infinite good that awaits us when we step aside and let the director do Its work. It is time that you begin to view the “director’s cut” of the movie of your life and once you do, you will never be able to sit through the studio version again. "Your life is created in the exact same way that the Divine creator creates everything in the universe... from the infinite solar system to the birth of a child it is all created through laws and principles and once you understand these laws and principles and then utilize them in your life, there will be nothing to stop you from creating the life you desire to be living. There are laws behind all creation and just as physical laws, mathematical laws, and scientific laws can be understood and then utilized, so too can spiritual laws be used for creating everything in your life in such a perfect way. Up until now most of you have been using these same laws to create lack, limitation and disharmony in your life. They are the same laws, only you are using them to create what you don’t want to experience rather than what you do want to experience in your life’s movie. It’s time to turn things around and start to use these laws constructively to benefit you and those around you. The “Law of Cause and Effect” is one of the most important laws to understand and is the one you want to pay the utmost attention to. Simply stated, “For every experience that we have in our movie called, “Life”, there was a cause that set it in motion.” We live in a world of cause and effect and yet we can choose to set the cause in motion that will create the effect that we desire to experience. We are not at the mercy of an inconsistent filmmaker who chooses to create havoc in this universal movie at one moment and then harmony in the next. The Infinite Filmmaker, who’s nature is one of love, beauty and harmony cannot set a cause in motion that is going to create an effect that is contradictory to its very nature. There is one great cause behind everything in this universal movie which I will call “First Cause” because it comes from the Mind of the Infinite Filmmaker and is free of any limitations. Now “Secondary Cause” is the cause that we create with our limited minds and it is the one that creates an effect that is full of lack and limitation and that’s why we are so unhappy and unfulfilled. The trick is to look to the Infinite Filmmaker to create the cause that will set the effect in motion that we want to experience in our life’s movie. You can do this simply by taking direction from the Infinite Filmmaker by being still and listening to that “Still Small Voice” telling you that there are no limitations in your movie called, “Life” and then taken action as if this were true. I guarantee you that your life’s movie change before your very eyes! Once you understand that the Infinite Filmmaker is all powerful and not holding back anything from your life, then you will be free to pursue your passion without anything in your mind that will hold you back. You can then begin to set a cause in motion that will bring you the results you desire. Take something that you want to create right now… something that you once believed you couldn’t have and pursue it as if there were nothing to keep you from having it. If you do this I promise you that you will manifest it and then begin to see the vision that the Infinite Filmmaker has for your perfect life. Once you do manifest it, come back to this blog and share your success with me. What you will discover in my next blog is that you are already connected to this Infinite Power and Presence just by the very fact that you are alive and are cast as a character in this amazing movie called “Life”.

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