Your Stage : Unofficial Survey, for possible story elements by Derek Hudgin

Derek Hudgin

Unofficial Survey, for possible story elements

How do you want to be remembered? In life, in work, whatever? What do you want your legacy to be?

Shanika Freeman

I want to be remembered as someone who inspired others lives. I want to impact this generation and make them open their eyes. I always say that this/my generation can be our savior or this worlds demise. I just want to leave a legacy that will help people be the change this world needs.

Suzanna Johnson

I want to be remembered as that annoying woman who always stood up for the ones without voices in my community and in the world.


I just want to be remembered :-)

Terry Persinger

I want to be remembered for the works that I do for my friends and family and hopefully the books I write will bring enjoyment to all the readers that like the sci-fi adventures that are forth coming.

O. G. Tomes

Very thought provoking question... My answer: I would like for my works to be famous, not I, so that they may survive me.

Sam Vanivray

I want to be remembered as the person who invented remembering.

Singleton M. Tate

I would like for everyone to understand the power and greatness within them and to attain their God-given destinies by utilizing their gifts to empower others all over the world to do so too. I would want all that I do and say to bless every life on planet earth always... Unlocking the power in your life, promotes wellness and purpose in others... T.G. Smiles, Singleton

Laura Tabor-Huerta

i was a good Mom, A Mom who was a friend as well as Mom. I was a good wife. I helped others when possible. I achieved balance of work, fun, family. I treated others well. I made some movies, some drawings, photos that were pretty ok.

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