Your Stage : Upping our social networking game as film professionals. Especially writers and actors! by Nick Bain

Nick Bain

Upping our social networking game as film professionals. Especially writers and actors!

Hey guys, I'm discovering more and more that agents and producers are looking to our social media to determine our credibility as professionals. A good friend of mine got told by a publisher that he needed 1000 followers on twitter to 'demonstrate an audience for you as a writer'. With that in mind, I'm trying to build my following on twitter and facebook and I suggest the creatives amongst you do likewise. There are a lot of us on Stage 32. If we all follow and boost each other, everybody wins! So if you want a new follower or two, just say hi here or find me @ninjapen on twitter or on Facebook. Drop me a message and I'll do the same for you and circulate to my contacts. We can't just rely on the world to find us! Happy networking! Nick

Sandra Tinka

that is a great idea, thnx for the communication

Marysia Trembecka

cool ;-) @MarysiaT

Nick Bain

Nice work so far guys! We should do this for each other every so often and we'll get there! I see some of you who replied are streets ahead of me so thanks for indulging this networking newbie! Nick

Paul Sumares

Just curious ... if it becomes standard to join an online community of other writers and get an "immediate" 1000 likes by having every writer like every other writers page, won't publishers catch on to this trend, and -- realizing that it kind of defeats the purpose of using and looking to "likes" as a gauge for popularity with the general audience -- either look for some other indication of a true fan base, or up to ante to 5000 likes? It just seems like the bottom line is to really find your fan base, and keep them interested in what your doing, something beyond a kind professional "I'll scratch your back ..." kind of thing.

Mark Souza

Great idea, Nick. I'm at @souzawrites and

Lina Jones

I find in most situtations like this one when people ask you to like or follow them they don't return the same to you social networking is a numbers game. That numbers game is also unpredictable within it you never know who's watching your numbers, when I see social networkers with large numbers 9 times out of 10 I will click their handle to see what they are doing, so there are some good chances that the right person will see you. You don't need 1000 or 5000 to make the right connection it only takes that one follower that can change your life. :D On that note I will strike the "like" on your Facebook and Follow you on Twitter. I ask that you follow back on Twitter to @videoBL and "like" me back on Facebook at

Nick Bain

It's true Paul, 'likes' themselves are unlikely to demonstrate a true following but they do demonstrate reach. As you might tell, I'm no networker really - have only a handful of followers. When you work as a feature writer, your audience may have to wait years for the opportunity to find you through your work. In the meantime, you have to do what you can to build a network and remind people of your existence, even if that's by posting the occasional photo of your cat doing something funny. Nobody is being forced to do anything. It's a voluntary thing to link up with folks but I've got work out of it in the past and got gigs for others whom I see have a specific area of interest. So yeah, whilst in one way it feels cynical, there's a practical undertone to it that is both useful and beneficial. (To my mind anyway!)

Paul Sumares

I agree with your point about networking itself, especially with others who are in or doing something related to your field. Certainly that has proven itself beneficial over and over again. It's just using the community hang-out of fellow artists to build up the "Like" count on your other social networks that doesn't sit quite right in my mind. Not that it's a big deal, or anything. Just seems like it's more appropriate to hit all of the social networks that are general (like Facebook, MySpace, whatever) or geared towards fans of good writing, throw them a bone now and then to keep the interest, like you say, and most importantly, point them all to your web site where all of your juicy, reel-them-in type stuff is. :-) Best of luck with your writing endeavors.

Lookman Film And TV

That is a good idea. However, there may be oversupply in some genres of film and TV writing, but in others there is under supply. This is something I frequently notice when attending markets as a producer. The industry id over-geared to make screenplays.

Zaff Malik

Hi Nik, screen Actor, Voice Over Artist and modern day Adventurer is going to connect with you. Here's to some original and though provoking stories that lead to inspirational films. @ZaffM1

Jim Nickley

I don't know what will come of this, but I'm will to join this club. Our facebook page is and our twitter is @two_80

Arturo Portillo

Very interesting and very helpful idea there, Nick. :) @enigmawriter.

Jennifer Stewart

Good idea, Nick. I've followed you on Twitter. Will you follow me? I'm @JenniferJS_

Dee Kelly Barrett

Hello Nick ...I appreciate you looking out ...Dee

Jade Fearon

Hi Nick, thanks for taking the time to share this, This is something i have been aware of since the amount of management companies and agencies that follow me. They are watching people, so increasing your presence in the social media world has great benefits. Please follow me @jade_fearon and i will follow everyone back. Thanks again Nick.

Patrick Mahon

I'm aspiring. Appreciate the tip.

Brett Cameron Perry

Hey Nick - In my line of work its always what work do you currently have. They want to leverage their cost of working me into their roster. Of course they won't tell you that. But its the bottom line. If all you have to do is get followers, its seems like hard work but very doable. Move forward Sir.

Tony Bertot

Hey Nick, I am now following you and liked you on Facebook. When you get a chance can you message me about your services as a screenwriter. I am an author and have written four books. About to finish my fifth one. Best regards

Richard "RB" Botto

Love the support here...Inspiring.

Scott A. Shuford

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all important for professionals these days, and YouTube for video view counts as well if you have video to be promoted. We've been doing social media work for clients since 2007 back when MySpace was king!

Brett Cameron Perry

We should all have an LA mixer and hang.

Richard "RB" Botto

Keep in mind, many Stage 32'ers have arranged Stage 32 Meetups in their area. We always encourage members of the community to take their networking to the streets. We even created a section to plan and organize:

Randall Roffe

some people can get 1.000 "likes" or "follows" and it still means nothing

Richard "RB" Botto

It's not the size of your network, it's how you use it.

Randall Roffe

I don't beg for "likes" ... I tell people I wish there was a "dislike" button. If you don't love me, don't kiss me anywhere

Nick Bain

Yeah, Hollywood guys - a meetup would be fantastic, and stuck here in rainy London I'd be very jealous to miss it! I'd love to meet some other British members here though. Thanks for everyone who responded. Hope you're all benefitting. I should have you all followed now but if I've missed anyone, just message me here and I'll get right on it. I'll look out for your tweets. Mine are full of cats and cynicism about politicians. You have been warned.

Zaff Malik

Nick, maybe we need to replicate a meetup here in weather torn London sometime. With a red carpet and snazzy outfits like they do across the pond!? We all have our quirks that get ranted now and again don't worry. I apologize in advance for my Tweets on planes and motorcycles, I fly and ride them, not always in the right order ;->, so just bear with me folks. Thank you Nick and to all of you, we have all benefited I'm sure.

Trevor Scott Chittick

I had a good laugh at the '1000 twitter followers or else' thing. Then I rolled my eyes and went back to my granola.

Paul Sumares

I totally agree with what RB said ... it's how you use your network that's important. I don't know that many other film and game composers, but one of them, who scored music for major video games like Myst V, Middle-earth, The Incredibles, Pariah, Lord of the Rings, and most recently the popular Dota 2 game ... I asked if he'd play his main instrument (trumpet) on the end credits of my recent feature film score, and he agreed. In the process, he got to hear the cue he will be playing on, and told me it was "awesome". So maybe next time he hears of a film or game needing music he'll refer a client to me. I also learn from listening to his work. I don't think I'd ever ask him to "Like" my professional Facebook page (if I had one) so I could increase my numbers. To me, "fans" are different: your general public listeners and watchers who somehow really connect with your work. That's who should be filling up the numbers if you want an honest representation of your ability to maintain and grow a "fan base" IMHO. Not your professional colleagues in the field. To me, your "network" is a different animal altogether.

Monty Dobson

I like the idea of leveraging our social media presence. I'm @lemont on twitter

Elisheba McCoy

I agree, this seems to be the wave of the future!

Sheana Ochoa

I "liked" you FB page. I'm also a writer, though my latest book is a full-length biography on Stella Adler! I'll never write another. Here's her FB page:

Alina Chorna

First of all, thank you so much, Nick, for bringing up this discussion and for the simple, but hopefully effective approach to get more followers on Twitter! From the actor’s (and a producer’s) point of view, I really appreciate that, and there is a reason why: Imagine you are producing an independent film; you’ve got two absolutely amazingly talented actors, who ideally fit the one role in this film. Guess which one of them you would cast? Right, the one who has more followers on Twitter! When you think about doing a campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and then about distribution and selling your final product, the film, you will understand why you had to cast that particular actor. May be you even cast him if he is not as talented and as fitting the role as your first choice. So, long story short, I am picking up this opportunity, follow you already on Twitter, with a hope that you, and some of our fellow Stage 32ers will follow me back: @chornalina I also have to say, I wouldn’t be using a Twitter if one of the Casting Directors didn’t give me an advice to get on to it. I am not a pro at networking, but I am trying to learn… Thanks, Nick!

Randall Roffe

I disagree about Twitter. I find it totally unwieldy and superficial. I would never cast anyone based on such "statistics" of artificially engineered "like", whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Stage 32. I would however, rely strongly on the advice of my focus group. I think that such strategies of making decisions about making a film are part of the reason why almost every film made today is unmemorable. Doesn't anyone else aspire to make a film that will still be watched a century from now?

Patrick Mahon

Interesting point Randall. I'm new on here. But it's true, some of the connections amassed may seem tenuous. Especially if you relate it to FB friends, for example.

Marysia Trembecka

I agree Alina, I am about to start rehearsal in a production of The Seagull and they decided to make a viral teaser for the play. I was one of 3 actors picked to be in it (despite me telling them I was flying in from Barcelona the night before at 1am after a weekend of partying) The director did mention he had seen all my social media links in my email signature.. I am sure the fact the production team know I regularly blog and podcast and am active in social media meant that I was thus put into the viral campaign as opposed to another actor also in the play who doesnt really use Twitter etc and hence then cannot promote the viral online as well as I can with my following already in place. I have only been v active in blogging and social media for the last few months and it has made an impact I believe on my career already. Its great to put up production stills etc, especially when I was traipsing round in full Victorian period costume in 35% heat ;-) Feel free to follow me and I will follow back ;-)) My Twitter @MarysiaT My facebook Page LoveYourCreativity

Alina Chorna

That is exactly what I mean, Marysia! Thanks for following me on Twitter! And congrats on being cast in a production of The Seagull! And yes, Randall, I also was very reluctant to go on Twitter, but if that is a reality of how casting decision are made nowadays, I have to do it. I am still in a process of learning how to use Twitter, and I must say, I am not very happy about the fact I have to do it. Face Book was completely enough for me personally. You may or may not like it, but there is no other way around. It is not like I have nothing to say, but using Twitter for that didn’t look like a necessity for me. I am not going to post on Twitter or Face Book for that matter, what I eat for dinner, for example, but rather some information that could be useful and helpful for others. World around us is changing and we have to adapt. And that is what I am going to do, whether I like it or not.

Marysia Trembecka

Alina, I used to think that about Twitter til I got involved 4 months ago and now I prefer it to Facebook. Plus I have won free theatre tickets as well via Twitter for retweeting,, dive in it may surprise you ;-))

Alina Chorna

I am trying, Marysia, I am trying... So far it looks a little bit confusing to me, but I am making an effort. Thanks for your insights and advices.

Julie Kendall

Hi! I totally know whatcha mean about social media being super important. I did like your fb page. I cant figure out how to find you on Twitter tho, I am just learning it. Y don't u follow me, and I will follow u back??? Julie Kendall @JulieKendall12 and my fb page is:, also, are u on IMDB? I will lie ur IMDB page too. Here's mine: and to anyone else that reads this, I will do the same for you. Thanks much and all the best!!!

Julie Kendall

Just liked your IMDB page too.

Wilhelmina Wells

Good for you.... Best wishes.

Alina Chorna

@chornalina. I hope I followed all of you out there. Sorry if I missed someone...

Randall Roffe

Sorry, Nick, don't see any of your writing anywhere, nor descriptions

Alina Chorna

Randall, I've seen Nick's imdb page. That is good enough for me.

Bhavnisha Parmar

Really great idea. I do believe what people above have been saying in terms of not always looking at followers in numbers. But I feel the more variety of people you follow in different fields, countries or backgrounds, the more you eyes open to what you didn't even know and the more chances of being involved in things that you never even thought of. In the same tradition, please follow @bhavnishap. Thanks guys!

Mike Codella

I'm with you Nick. I just followed, and anyone that wants in just follow @CodellaAcademy N I'll follow back.

Thushy Sathi

Great idea - following you

Mario Temes

Followed you! This is very true, please do follow @MarioTemes and on FB as well as a like on IMDb if possible Thanks! We've gotta work together!

Brianna Lee McKenzie

I just followed you, Nick. Will follow the rest of you on twitter as well. I'm @breezeemc on twitter. Thanks!

Anh Chu

Great idea Nick! Have followed :) I'm @AnhChuWriter on Twitter :)

Shane M Wheeler

Looks like a good deal. Facebooking you soon.

Randall Roffe

well... My producer contacts scorn this Stage32 and others. What to do?

Janet Scott

Randall, compare those who you are referring too, to the many on board the Talent Express... So many, would not be here, if it were not a viable net working...

Lookman Film And TV

Best of luck - May the force of Promotion go with you.

CJ Walley

Well I'm always keen to make new friends on any platform, if you want to add me on twitter I'm @cj_walley :)

Zaff Malik

hi, all you guys n gals. I work hard to extrude and entertain, entertain with characters for this art. This art called acting. I hope I can convince you to give me a generous follow, I will do the same for you dedicated artists also. Please give me a Like/Follow for the below. Take care all. Twitter:- @ZaffM1 FB: IMDB: Here's my latest work:

Guy Adams

Hey Nick! This is a fantastic idea if only to get us all talking to each other and making contacts! If anyone would like to follow me then add me on Twitter @MrGuyAdams. I almost always follow back.

Marysia Trembecka

Will find u @MarysiaT

Kalisa Moore

Awesome message Nick....thank you!

Mary-Helen Norris

Great Idea, Nick. Thanks for sharing with us!

Michelle L. la la Graza

Just followed you on Twitter and found you on FB. You can find me here: @AprilALunaWrite FB: My Adult Fiction Author Page: FB: My YA/NA Author page is: (I tend to not promote this one as much but should). The other thing you can do is start a newsletter. NOTE: I followed the Twitter handles listed.

Michelle L. la la Graza

Hello Victor, I went down the list and added those I could find active on Twitter and FB. Note: the thread started three-years-ago.

Michelle L. la la Graza

I'm not sure how many of them are still working with Social Media because many had less than 200 followers.

Roxanne Paukner

Ok, cool. So this was 5 years ago. Nick Bain you didn't get 1000 yet on Twitter, but hey, I'm still under 100 there so who am I to talk? More @rpentasis followers welcome!!!

Lookman Film And TV

I added you on Facebook. How are things? My Twitter is

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