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John Rogers

Business cards

Anytime I work doing freelance gigs I'm always asked "can i get your card" and I always have to lie and say "oh i forgot them today... but let me write down my info". So my question is where do you get business cards, online or locally? I've started designing something but i'm wondering where you typically have them made. Also are business cards still viable self promotion? Thanks S32 members!

Mike Porter

I make my own. I get the "clean edge" cards made by Avery, I use their design software and then run them through my inkjet. They look pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Nathan Riddle

I do all my printing at Their prices are low and quality has been amazing.

Arlene Tannis

The other alternative is to spend your money locally in your community. I went to our locally owned UPS Store and they did a great job at a reasonable price.

Autumn Burgess

there is also they have inexpensive cards

B. Chan

Sorry Autumn--but vistaprint SUX. I tried them twice and never again. PSPRINT.COM or PRINTPLACE.COM. Been happy with their quality and prices.

Laythrom Media

We typically make our own [not using the Avery method though] and services like VistaPrint will get you inexpensive cards, but they typically look like inexpensive cards. I haven't really looked into many online services, but we do turn to a local print shop if we need a lot of cards in a hurry [for stuff like Film Festivals, Conventions, and other 'meet and greets'].

Rita Lewis

I just got very inventive cards from which is a British printer who specializes in business cards. Very unusual. Prices are extra-reasonable. 4 color, heavy stock, your own art or their designs.

System Admin

We've had excellent luck with

Steve Campbell

No hesitation in agreeing are fantastic for cards. It's worth saying that at the end of the day it's the design/layout that makes the biggest impression so the right thought into that is crucial. also has an American version of the site so worth a check. Cheers

Richard Banks

You have to be careful with Vistaprint, some do look cheap, but some do look really good. offer a good service too

Rebecca Ponder

I ordered mine online at vistaprint.. really good value and quality

Jennifer "JR" Pawley

I'll make my own using an Avery template, but print it on cardstock and use a papercutter. It makes the business cards a little thicker, and it's an inexpensive solution

James Holzrichter

My Brother works for you can do it all online. I of corse don't lol I use openoffice .org free office software. They have easy things you can make your own buisiness cards with.

Justin Rubner

Everyone should have a business card. Vistaprint is a great service. $32 for 250 cards. Don't know how they even make money on that.

Cyn Macgregor

Business cards are a must have... even still. A card that pushes to your website offering more info is the best marketing tool. For printing I use online or if I need them-- now! --I go to Fedex. The local university usually offers these services as well, for not much money. The difference between your card - and you - being remembered is design. It doesn't have to be fancy, you don't need a logo, but your card should look like the owner was interested in quality and visual impact.

Becky Tucker

We have a graphic design company and we use Local printers are our first choice but for small quantities, you can't beat the price for cards. Get a heavier weight paper and maybe round your edges. Don't do a gloss coating and your cards will appear of more quality. We also recommend you find an actual designer to design the cards. Don't use an in house designer at one of the online print companies. Agree with Cyn, push to you're website, might use a QR code, they're not pretty, but you just can't help scanning them!

Shaun O'Donnell

Business Cards are a no-brainer, must have. Aside from my Production Company, I own a FULL COLOR PRINTING FRANCHISE, Detroit. We use the highest quality inks, recycled paper, fast turn around, and great prices. I saw some mention Vista Print because they're so cheap. They are cheap, but the quality is awful. ACTUALLY, we offer 1000 top quality business cards for $60, so we have them beat. You can also get 500 for $45. Email me at Do not order directly through our website or I won't be able to help you. You can also call my direct office line at 313-805-4825. We also offer banners, flyers, posters, etc. It's a great complement to your production services.

John Rogers

Well i Ordered from vista print the morning after I asked this question and with all of the mixed reviews i wonder how my cards will turn out... I did design the card myself, it's something that i've been working on for some time now and the design looks good. I 'll update you guys on the actual print quality when i receive them!

Ray Anthony Martinez

I used Vista Print for my cards, and they look great! However; so did a friend of mine, and his didn't turn out so well! It depends on how they are designed! Plus, Vista Print gives away A LOT of free stuff too!

Brendan Thatcher

I have business cards, and I got them very cheaply from Vista Print. Business cards are absolutely vital because you want prospective clients to contact you. It's not self-promotion, it's good business communication to give out business cards.

Melissa Jones

John this is hilarious! I have been doing this for so many years. I am always telling that same lie. I do so much business over the internet that my website has really become my business card. However, I would love to have actual cards someday.

Verona Blue is where I get mine. Good quality, smaller runs.

Shaun O'Donnell

A follow up to John. There are several very interesting comments regarding advice on multiple companies. Some advice I agree with, others are completely off base. I do realize it's from personal experience though. I began my career as a Producer, then bought a printing franchise which I worked with, and did extensive research before purchasing. The advice of not using an in-house designer when ordering from a company is a bit off base. For someone like Vista Print or PS Print, maybe, but not for my franchise. Because I own a franchise, I have my own office with a professional Graphic Designer that I chose and hired. We provide top caliber product. Someone mentioned using heavy weight papers. We do our cards in 12pt. card stock which is pro industry standard. I don't believe your Vista Print cards will be that stock. Those cards are also done with digital printing, which is much less quality. We offer gloss or matte finish. I prefer Matte finish which makes them easier to write on. Plus gloss finish tends to scuff if they rub against anything. Please feel free to message me if you or anyone else has any questions. I'd be more than happy to help you out. Best of luck!

Alex Ginzo

I made mine at Vistaprint but if you have a computer and printer you can design your own with a good quality business card paper stock that is already perforated. Usually there is a business card template you can download and open in word or Photoshop.

Becky Tucker

For Clarity Shaun, I don't have any experience with your company, but in our experience, vista print, kinko's etc... who offer design services have not been a good choice. I do not know your company and this was in no way a slam in your direction unless you are one of the a for mentioned companies. We are a professional service as well and I was just giving my best advice. There is nothing worse than having a bad business card as your first impression, so certainly if you have researched the printer and feel their design services meet you're needs, then yes by all means use them, but don't assume.

Shaun O'Donnell

I agree with you Becky. ...and I do know that I might sound bias since I own the franchise ( Detroit), but I do welcome anyone on here to request samples or ask questions, or request quotes, etc. I'm more than happy to help people avoid the mistakes that many of us (including myself) have made before. Great advice Becky! It's good to see fellow industry members helping each other out.

Lisette Brodey

A lot of people use Vistaprint, some even get them for free, but you get what you pay for. I've seen some that are just okay, but they're NOT what I would want. I had a graphic designer friend create a card with just my head shot, number & email address. It's printed on a sturdy coated stock and cost $30-something dollars at a local printer. I believe that the quality of a person's card, resume etc. says a lot about them, whether true or not, it's the impression you put out there that counts.

Andrew Perry

I've used Vistaprint a lot; their t-shirts and things are pretty flimsy, but the cards are good. But you do get what you pay for - the paid cards (still fairly cheap) are significantly better than the free ones. And do make sure you customise the design; the standard designs can be pretty cheesy. So while a lot of people do have trouble with Vistaprint, an awful lot of people don't. They're worth trying, at least.

Becky Tucker

You do pay a little bit more, but it's worth it. It's really hard to tell you why it's better without showing you, but say you get handed 100 cards in a day at a conference and they are all on a flimsy stock. But you get one card that just "feels" different for lack of a better description. You're more likely to pay attention, maybe even save that card because there's something special about it. Believe me, I'm all about saving money, but the difference in price for a stock that's a little bit heavier, makes a big difference. Do you want to convey that you are a product of quality or just a low cost solution?

Heidi Marie

I design my own and get them printed at Copy Max. Glossy on the front and matte on the back look nice and are something like .38 per sheet, and each sheet has ten. I don't know why I've never tried the online services, I've heard both good and bad stories about vistaprint and others....I've always been happy with Copy Max though, especially when they have coupons. My sister uses Moo but they're way overpriced to me.

Michael "Cap" Caputo

I own a promotional advertising company. $32 for 250 is EXPENSIVE. I have special pricing posted for you. Use this link: When you order I ask for a photo by email, when the photo arrives everything is assembled, shipping is determined and you get a Paypal request. When that is satisfied the cards are printed and shipped. These are high quality cards printed on "cotton bond card stock" and are typically in your hands in 7-10 business days. Special Stage 32 pricing will come up as "your price." 500 Photo cards (head shot and contact info) $32. 1000 is $36, 2000 $52. Your choice of 6 standard layouts. Enter ALL the information online, you and I will arrange for the photo (JPG at 300 dpi is great), payment taken care of by by PayPal. Like Justin said above said "How do you make money on 250 cards for $32?" I do not normally seek out business card orders on their own because I am lucky to earn a $5 bill on an order after PayPal takes their cut. Really, for that reason card orders are "Paid in full at order confirmation." OR you can go to VisatPrint and hand out a card that says their name all over the back of it... and pay more. There may be no money in it but there is also nothing difficult about making them, and hey we are both Stage 32 people right? Maybe some day I can do posters or postcards for you or you can play a character in my movies.... meanwhile you get good cards and I can afford lunch at McDonalds off the dollar menu..

Roque Madrid

we always use vistaprint, fast and cheap

Michael "Cap" Caputo

Jackson, Madrid, Tull. I will remember those names as non-supporters of fellow Stage32 members trying to help others. And people wonder why small businesses close up shop.

Anne Miles or are both good quality shops to order from, they're not expensive. ;-)

Kayla Mitchell

I use I have used them for years for more than just business cards. They are absolutely great. Tip: sign up for their emails (they can get a bit annoying) BUT each email has different links with discounts. I have gotten free shipping and half priced products before just by clicking the right email. Usually when I get ready to order I will click each email and see what the best deal is. I've never spent more than $25 there and I always get free things like customized pens, banners, post cards, etc.

Roque Madrid

Caputo, it's a matter of saving money

Michael "Cap" Caputo

Well "Tull," nothing like outing yourself. The only reason for admitting you voted for the "Poser President" is to seek forgiveness. We all have our regrets. I wish Disney the very best in their every dealing with you.

Michael "Cap" Caputo

Madrid, That's why I posted that I can do four times as many cards for the same price. Professionally printed. High quality stock. It IS about saving money, Vista isn't the solution.

Lee Alexander

Easy, print your own. I did that. Works great for me. I use drawing paper to print them on. Alternatively you can go to and have it done.

Vincent Madison

FedEx Office did an amazing job for us.

Timothy O'Brien Johnson

Vista Print. They have lots of templates and styles to choose from and they give you 500 cards and you only have to pay for shipping, which for me was around $7.

Big Ron Lyons

I got my business cards online at: On the front of the card is my photo along with my name; on the back of the card in a QR Code which goes directly to my actor's web-site, When purchasing, let them know you had heard about it from me.

Lina Jones

You can get business cards just about any where nowadays, I generally use Vista Print because I can upload my own designs crop and adjust it before I submit it. Plus they always give discounts once you get your cards back I LOVE SAVING MONEY. I've been with them for a few years and has never been disappointed with their work. Also if you doing inbound marketing you should have all your social sites on your card. As far as business cards being absolete I don't see it happening in the near future thats my opinion. Much Love #SWEETWEETS

Jim DeVault has a great deal.

Dee Chilton

In the UK, I can recommend for quality and price. You can request a sample pack and they send it to you quickly with excellent samples and card stock books. You can upload your own designs or choose from theirs.

John Rogers

Yeah i ended up with the premium cards from vista print. Since it was my own design and I was using a high resolution the card turned out great! I don't have any complaints so if you're going the route i did i think you'll be happy with them. I've already gotten a few comments from handing them out to clients!

Andrew Gruffudd

I don't do Vistaprint. If I pay for a product, I do not expect to advertise them as well. Personally, I get my cards from Zazzle. Possibly a bit expensive, but at least I'm in total control of the design process, there are no hidden extras and I don't have to advertise anyone but myself.

Mike Daniels

You could also check out the ofice supply stores as well, Staples has a great copy and print center if there is one around you. I got my cards from them and they look great.

H Nocri

About the card, well my advise is: get yourself a professional personalised design service because those who keep them (instead of throwing away or leaving in some random places) are those who store them with other cards. When needed, it's a matter of first few seconds that your card gets chosen over other options. If you distribute them personally, make sure, the card makes instant memory connection with your face/person (name - not enough!). Ohh, and make sure they feet a wallet (if too big, you're thrown away). Bad card is worse than none (seems as a desperate attempt to sell low-quality service).

Thomas B Barker

I make my own with stock from Staples. The cards can be printed with any inkjet printer and if you are good at design, you can do it yourself. There are 10 cards on one sheet of card stock and they are perforated to come apart with no evidence of a perf line.

Kristina Hughes

Letting you know that on (think Groupon for Entertainment Biz folks) there have been business card services for 50% off and greater. Some w/QRC codes too. None w/ cheesy logos of other companies on the back btw. So keep an eye out. Also, free-of-charge at is a downloadable template for you to use for when you meet people like John who do not have a card. Add these next to your own grouping of business cards. So many people do not have cards. When they want yours, but don't have there's make it an exchange and have them fill out this ShowBIz Card so you don't lost their contact info. NEVER just give someone your card & hope they'll call. 9 times out of 10, they won't call and there goes a lost business opportunity, connection, etc.

Pompo Bresciani

I wouldn't call biz cards a promotion, but in order to look professional and hopefully to be contacted back they are a must have. I got mine printed at You can order like 2000 for very cheap and quality is great!

Martha Hazzard Decker

I use for a lot of my stuff. Yu can get as creative as you want for a decent price

Pompo Bresciani

with about $50 I got about 2000 cards printed on both sides ful color

Tony Klinger

Vistaprint is cheap and cheerful.

JWest Corp the best. You get 500 cards for $10 shipping

Donna R. Clark

go with vista print! i love it! i design my own on photoshop and upload it on the designer window (or whatever it's called). just make absolutely sure that what you see in that box is what you want before you send it!!!

Kristina Hughes

This Industry Deal is for postcards: WORLDWIDE Industry Deal- 51% OFF! Postcard Printing (1,000 Full Color) Pay $39 for 1,000 4x6 Postcards w/Full Color BOTH Sides, 14PT, UV Coating. Headshot Postcards, Promo Postcards, Any Postcards! 51% OFF If you are a performer you NEED headshot postcards! If you are a Musician, Band or Comedian you NEED postcards to pass out at your gigs! If you have a Film or Web Series you NEED promo postcards! If you are still reading this... you NEED this Industry Deal (ONLY 20 available at this unreal price!). But if you go to the vendor website on you can see their great prices and learn about their quality & quick turn around time for business cards & all your other printing needs!

Bonnie Wooding

I prefer to print my own. I purchase blank cards from my office supply store and print up 150 cards at a time. Cost is about $15.00 - cheap and cheerful :). I can provide you with a business card template (free) or even a draft design, if you wish (cheap and cheerful ;). Contact me - happy to help.

Marko Nikolić

I have a graphic designer who makes my cards and other printed materiel. It is very nice to have and to get goodlooking business cards.

Louise Chu inexpensive, fast delivery, for those without graphic designer friends

Jessica Hoffman

I just got a Moo card deal through Klout and they gave me a MooLah credits to share...It's Via haven't seen them yet but it might be a good way to get something fast and fairly easy in the interim...

Kerri Warner

I design my own then upload to Vistaprint - they have templates that you can download to create your own, or you can use one of their designs - watch for 50% off offers - they alway give a 25% off coupon for your next order

Jaclyn Abergas

vistaprint is still the cheapest and fastest alternative. if you have the money to shell out though, try moo cards. another alternative is inkgarden.

Kelly Schulz Greene

we get them from - for both my writing & my daughter's acting. Great Quality. Completely Affordable. Easy to design. Fast turn around. Can't say enough!

Humberto Meza

I have a printing company that can do all your marketing needs. Go to and as a first time customer I will offer you a 75% OFF! You can also contact me at with any questions. Talk to you soon! - Humberto

Brian Stupski

I'm going to agree with Kelly... has become my go-to source. Brilliant quality, amazing customer service, huge variety. I love that I can create 250 different cards in a 250-quantity order (or more). I've gotten the biggest, most positive response with their cards. Well worth looking at.

Ingrid Johnson

Another one is - you can't beat their prices. I get my headshots as an 8x10 postcard. You can't beat the quality or the price. I will also check out the suggestions above. Good luck

Twila Victory

I have a division of my own company, and I do all them from design to finish. Biz cards are absolutely MANDATORY. Best and cheapest advertising you can do. Never leave a table or a business without leaving one behind. You just never know. Since I am my own Advertising/Marketing/PR Firm, I use a wholesale printer and NEVER upcharge. Only pay for my time, cost of cards wholesale, and shipping. Easy Easy Easy. I dropship all over the world too.

Jamie R. Doyle always has something to say when I hand them one of my cards! =)

Kristina Hughes

Thought this was timely: Do you need business cards? Get 52% OFF 1,000 Business Cards w/Full Color BOTH Sides, 14PT, UV Coating on One Side, Both Sides or Not at All - Your Choice! Have you been a victim of having flimsy business cards made by a "cheapo creepo" printer? Have you ordered free business cards that were branded with another company's logo, which makes you feel unprofessional every time you hand one out? Did you buy a stack of "trendy" slim business cards that are way too small and find themselves lost amongst normal-sized business cards? Just because it can "Moo" doesn't mean it can "milk" a contact... Time for you to get REAL, STURDY, HIGH-QUALITY BUSINESS CARDS at an AMAZING PRICE! ► NO LIMIT! Good News! You can order as many of these Deal Vouchers as you like and have your business cards made for as many purposes needed. (For example... If you need headshot business cards for your acting career... and you also need business cards for the band you are in... AND you need another set of business cards for a Web Series you are creating... then you would buy 3 of these Deal Vouchers). At 52% OFF, today's Industry Deal means business!

Mark Schaefer

i use business cards and headshots.

Brendan Thatcher

I just found They are almost as cheap as vistaprint, and offer rounded corners, which vistaprint does not.

Rachael Saltzman

Moo. I used to use Vistaprint, and the cards were a little cheesy. Moo is a pit pricier, but the presentation couldn't be better.

Kristina Hughes

Letting you all know about another printing offer that might be of interest. Need POSTCARDS? VENUE POSTERS? FILM POSTERS? This Industry Deal is a Printing Dream! 3 Deals to Choose Buy One, Two or ALL Three! 50-64% OFF! Pay ONLY $25 for Any of the Following: 100 4"x6" Postcards -or- 25 11"x17" Venue Posters -or- 1 Large 24"x36" Poster! If you are an Actor, Filmmaker, Producer, Content Creator, Musician, Stand-Up Comedian... basically anyone in Entertainment... you no doubt NEED to print promotional materials for yourself and/or your projects! Our friends at 'Copymat Hollywood' have dug deep to come up with this AWESOME Industry Deal which is really THREE DEALS to choose from...

Don Rittner

Do you own. Avery has many different types. Print on your inkjet.

Rachael Saltzman

Paul Rothbart

I know where to get business cards, that's not a problem. What do I put on them? Do I actually make a business card that labels me as a writer/director? Is this something that's commonly done?

Jim DeVault

I put Writer/Director on mine, and my production company name and logo. "Writer/Director" sounds better than HMFIC.

Paul Rothbart

Thanks, Jim. My writing partner actually made up a template with the production company name and logo. I haven't had them printed up yet. I will now go ahead and do that. You're right.

Lucifer Divinitas This place has good deals.

Brian Stupski

I swear by, and, if you're looking for something a little less expensive, but still good quality, you can't beat . Low prices, exceptional service, and FAST turn-around. Both have excellent templates to start with.

MJ Brewer

I print my own, but have been known to go through Vista Print in the past. They do good work but as I said, I have a Corel program I use to create my own. I'm pretty damned imaginative, if you ask me! :)

Brian Stupski

...being a designer by trade, I create a lot of business cards and logos for clients, as well. I've used a lot of companies for printing, and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to quality and turn-around! Vista Print has always been very consistent... Sorry to have left them off of my short-list! Thanks for the reminder, MJ.

Sabine Allaeys

Mark Schaefer

Kyle Arnn

You can buy a card-stock paper and print them yourself, but it can be kind of a pain to get the image and paper aligned correctly so that everything's centered and professional-looking.

Thomas B Barker

I use the Avery 8877 Clean Edge Business Card stock with a template of my own creation in Adobe's iDesign software on a Mac with an Epson printer. I have had no problems with this arrangement.

Humberto Meza

Contact me asap. I can get them printed for you as low as $29.99 MY SPECIAL PRICE for "STAGE 32 MEMBERS" ONLY, for 1,000 full color UV coating (glossy) on both sides etc. or email me with any questions at

Storyboarder Australia

Silvia Spross or I design it myself in CS5 and upload it. They have some templates too that are good.

Rachel Fretz

VistaPrint usually has 'free' cards too, you just pay shipping or taxes, but they won't be 'quality' cards.

Kristina Hughes

And Rachel, I couldn't agree more. Business cards represent you & your business. They should scream that you are 100% pro. I have to say websites or business cards with WIXX, Vista Print, etc. tell me that people are probably not really in this business 100%. Moo cards are "cute" but I cannot tell you how many have been lost. My new business cards: from @industrydeal @mezadezines designed by @brianvermeire are getting a great response.

Chris Dos Santos

Story of my life. ha ha. I do the same.

Wayne Jarman

Hello John. 122 Comments!! I haven't read them! So if I'm repeating other comments, I apologise. I ran my own business for 18 years (Engineering Consultancy) and had business cards printed when I first started. It cost a mint! Later, Microsoft produced Publisher and I haven't bought a card since. They are simple to create and look professional. I always carry cards in my pocket. They are easy to hand over and have all the info that the person needs to contact me. Whenever I meet someone who tells me they have just gone into business, I challenge them by asking for their card. More often than not they tell me they forgot to bring them ...or they are honest and tell me that haven't made any. Cards are a MUST HAVE, in my opinion.

Audrey Rose Goldfarb

Angela Artemis

I use Vistaprint as well. They're very inexpensive and fast.

Reay Jespersen

I've given a shot, and was really happy with the outcome. I've handed out a lot of them and not once has anyone not commented on being impressed by look and quality (and I used a template, not even my own design). Not the cheapest option (at least, to get it up here into Canada), but if you want something that stands out from the crowd a bit, definitely something to consider.

Rachael Saltzman

Hm. I did my own design though Moo, and gotten a lot of positive response.

Reay Jespersen

Nice. I could've taken the time to do the same (I was a graphic designer for ages in my pre-fatherhood life), but since it wasn't design stuff I was hyping with the card, and since they had piles of nice templates, I just went with one of those. I fess up to it to anyone (everyone) impressed by it, of course. Credit where it's due. :)

Brian Stupski

Just to underscore my excitement with Moo, I've received nothing but tremendous feedback on my cards, which I designed and had printed by them. Beautiful, high-quality, and, with the Printfinity option, you can have a variety of images in one batch of cards, which allows me to tailor the card I give to the person I'm handing it to. I have a half-dozen images, each tailored to a specific genre, and can select the right card, based on the conversation. Granted, the price is a bit higher than some others, but the payoff is a memorable, beautiful card. (re-orders are great, as well, as they keep your images on file, as well...)

Jessica Payne

I use the premium design option on Vista Print, and get a classy looking nice heavy glossy card with my headshot and contact info for $30 with shipping. I had the same experience with having to write info down for people each time, and I've been happy to hae them. I've gotten lots of compliments and have used mine more than I expected.


Love VistaPrints. Moo cards are popular in Bay Area, but I don't like them. Both are online.

Mark Bayliss

Hi Derrick, I had a technical graphics company in Germany for 25 years. Unfortunately, I am not graphically talented although I am a bit of an expert at Illustrator, Photoshop and video production. It works for me only if I try some ideas from graphically talented people around me and getting cards printed professionally. I hope this helps you....

Shaun O'Donnell

I own a printing franchise and would be happy to print for you. People are in love with Vista Print because of the pricing, but the cheap stuff they advertise is not quality product. There are always ad-ons for the better product. Our product is top-notch and pretty close to the same pricing if not better in some cases. Email me at for pricing.

Adrian Sierkowski

You know, if you want a really cool card... why not shoot a negative image of your card (e.g. print it out reversed) and shoot 400' worth of film of it. Get it developed, it will now be a positive card. Cut it out, and give out the film negative.... Kodak may even send you the stock for free if you're doing a "stock test." Just a 1223am thought.

Shirley A Johnson- Smallwood

You can check out You can use what they have or better yet you can design your own cards.

Virginia Wright, Author

Vista Print (

Kristina Hughes

FYI, if you need printing of postcards or posters, Copymat is offering 50% OFF. Putting them on your radar: Need Postcards and/or Posters? 50% OFF --Buy One, Two or ALL Three! Pay $25 for Any of the Following: 100 4"x6" Postcards -or- 25 11"x17" Venue Posters -or- 1 Large 24"x36" Poster! If you are an Actor, Filmmaker, Producer, Content Creator, Musician, Stand-Up Comedian... basically anyone in Entertainment... you no doubt NEED to print promotional materials for yourself and/or your projects! ► About Copymat Hollywood: Copymat Hollywood is a full service print and copy center serving Hollywood for 26 years! They do stunning, high-quality work which includes graphic design, banners, logo walls (Step and Repeats), look books, headshots, comp (ZED) cards, portfolio printing, posters. They cater with care to the artist community ~ always going above and beyond for Actors, Writers, Models, Musicians, Bands, Filmmakers, Content Creators and beyond. If you work in the Entertainment Industry, Copymat Hollywood wants to work with you!

Tiffy Diamond

Personally I love but there's a lot of cool sites out there for business cards.

Andy Hagedon

Used the Moo cards for a year, then switched to Miller's rep cards - just a little bigger and much better quality. I ALWAYS get good comments on the cards. You need an account with Millers (, but worth it.

Shirley A Johnson- Smallwood

Thank you Andy. I'll check them out.

Melody Brooke

I use psprint just google "Cheap business cards" and you will get their discount link. I paid $20 for 1000 double sided full color cards.

Kevin T. Stein has excellent cards.

John Ward is awesome; great cards and great service

Martha Hazzard Decker

Jenny Dome

Go on line to the Avery website. Pick out what template style you like and save it on your computer. Then go to an office supply store and buy the right blank business card template. I use the 5876 - 10 per sheet (2" x 3 1/2") Ivory Two-Side Printable ones. It'll also tell you to use the Avery Template 8371 on the packaging. You don't have to have a lot of money to market yourself. Just some creative solutions. :)

Melody Brooke

PSPrint online, put in "cheap business cards" $20 for 1,000… you have to design them (they have templates) but they are good quality and you can have your photo on there.

Herman Martin

take cards everywhere you go...

Shirley A Johnson- Smallwood

If you have designed something, you could go to They cost a bit more but they have promotions going on most of the time.

Timothy J Larcher

I used Vistaprint. They almost always have deals -- I think I paid about $15 for 250 cards. They have an online design app where you can design them, including adding photos. And different finishes (glossy, etc.) I was very happy with them.

Diane Kryzaniak

Hi Mark, Thanks for the invite.

Amy Shimko

I have used both moo and vista print. I am very happy with both of these sites. Moo is a UK based business so it does take a little longer to get those if you live in the states

Brian Stupski

If interested, I have a discount code (10% off) for :

Melody Brooke

Search "Cheap business cards" and psprint has them for less than $25 for 1000 but only through the search link... full color, double sided!

MJ Brewer has 500 cards for $9.99, but I would suggest making your own. With the right program (I use Corel) you can do some amazing things, even double-sided. It takes time to set it up the first time, but it's for good. Then whenever you need more, just hit print.

Rachael Saltzman they're quality.

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