Screenwriting : 1st annual drama screenwriting contest by Jon Snow

Jon Snow

1st annual drama screenwriting contest

I think this platform does a lot of really wonderful things in connecting people across the industry, and I’m grateful to be a member of this community. I think it’s imperative to be leaders, and for all of us to not only ally with voices that have historically had fewer opportunities, but that we actively seek out those voices to lift them up. In a year where women have once again been shut out completely by the Oscar nominations for directing, only one woman has been nominated in both original screenplay, and best adapted screenplay, I think it’s a shame that this community is holding a contest with an all-male panel of judges. I truly appreciate all that happens here at Stage 32, and I think we can, and should, hold ourselves, and this entire community at large, to a higher standard. If not us, then who? It has to start somewhere, so why not be the leaders the industry needs?

Michael L. Burris

True but sometimes results and numbers are just that reflective of societal likes. Even if the world of men and women and opportunity become equal in Hollywood it still comes down to societal likes removing all politics. It has nothing to do with ability, inability or force of all inclusiveness even in the most ideal setting.

Bias has been a factor forever even without current realistic utopian ideals.

I hope the machine that drives noterioty remains unbiased though as fair is well... just fair.

Media learns and evolves regardless of sex driving it.

Now with the equality of sex driving they all must evolve too.

Don't feel sorry for equality.

Just a humble opinion from a man who has no bias than entertainment value for the masses and I shall hopefully always remained blindly biased about that.

Jim Boston

Jon, you're absolutely right! (And I'm DAMN glad you're on here!)

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