Screenwriting : 2020 Writing Goals by Sharon Hankins

Sharon Hankins

2020 Writing Goals

What are your goals for 2020?

Mine is to finish two feature script ideas I recently started. I want to apply to as many writing programs as possible, really want to get into the Imagine Impact Program. Lastly expand my network of writing friends.

Maxwell Highsmith

Those are great goals!!! Some of mine are 1) go to Cannes 2020 2) AFM 2020 and finish my two existing franchises so that can begin my serialized content for a streaming service. I believe that you will reach your goal. I'll be watching for updates. Best of Luck to you. #VayaConDios

Dan Guardino

My goal is to shoot one million dollar budget movie and get at least one $1.5M above and below the line that is currently in pre-production into production.

Derek Reid

Sell sell (option maybe) sell! Also start and complete a faith-based script.

Derek Reid

Plus might need to revamp my first script a little cause reality has been stealing my future dystopian-ideas.

Doug Nelson

Sounds like a plan Dan. Goforit!

Dayna Noffke

I'm looking to get repped. Also ( as a director) to push the film I have in development into production. We're so close!

Dayna Noffke

Best of luck to everyone as you work toward your goals!

Kiril Maksimoski

Attending some script workshops, film markets, maybe FF, pitching, writing my next spec feature, same old, same old...with an exception of slightly possibly having my optioned feature filmed...but that's outta my hands, anyway :)

Dan MaxXx

Make money by writing and treat fam, friends and peers to fabulous dinners as a show of appreciation.

Jim Boston

Sharon, I want to write at least three screenplays next well as develop additional loglines (and turn them into screenplays, too).

All the VERY BEST to you, Sharon!

Dan Guardino

Dan M. I will be watching out for my invite.

Craig D Griffiths

I am finishing a script and with every keystroke I am seeing how I could make it myself.

Small cast. Few locations.

I am really loving it.

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