Screenwriting : 30 pages in three days? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

30 pages in three days?

What do you think of that? Too fast or too slow? How many pages do you write a day?

Pierre Langenegger

That's pretty good Emily and better than my standard. I was pretty happy with the flow of my current short, first draft was 27 pages in three days but the rewrites are what really slows it down.

Lora Covrett

That's pretty good. I'm happy if I get 3-5 pages written per day.

Landon J. Morrell

Write at whatever pace feels good. When I'm in the groove I can do 4-5 pages a day.

Christopher Binder

Getting a page written down in a day is like conquering a mountain.

Jorge J Prieto

It depends, but 5 is more than what my neck pain can handle.

Deenur E Gill

Fast, but when its flowing, its flowing. I usually average 5, but that's working a full time job also.

Wesley S. Miles

I go for a minimum of 5 but if it's more or less I don't stress, when I was working on salary 60hrs a week just one was a feat of strength.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Are they good pages? And more importantly, what do you think?

Keanna Sherri Prince

On a good day, I can complete 10 pages. Those days where I'm really lacking creativity, 3 is my goal.

Philip Singh

One page is my goal really, but when I have some free time, I can write up to ten pages. But that is only when I have a train of thought rolling and I can't stop writing.

Mark Vincent Kelly

4 a day is good. 1 good page is great

Jody Ellis

If I can get 1-2 a day during my workweek, and 5 a day over the weekend, I'm good. I could do more if I didn't have a 45/hr a week day job holding me down.

Larry Yoakum III

It all depends on your particular style and if you get yourself in the zone. There are times I stare at the screen racking my brain to get a couple of lousy paragraphs. Other times my muse puts her bottle of Cuervo away and I knock out several pages.

D Marcus

I think it's great. It is neither too fast or too slow. I usually write between 5 and 12 pages per day.

Aray Brown

That's great Emily! Scared of you. It depends. If the creative juices are flowing and ideas are pouring, I can get lost

Joleene DesRosiers

I don't think what we write or how we write should ever be measured. Because then you have half a room telling you what you might compromise writing "that fast," and the other half telling you something else. Write what works for you. I wrote my first draft of my screenplay in 6 weeks. Some would tell me that was too fast (which is why I didn't share my timeline.) But like @Aray said, when the juice flow, drink 'em up!

D Marcus

But isn't it interesting to know what other think? Hearing that some people think it's too fast while other think something else could be helpful. Personally I love hearing from other writers on their methods.

Jody Ellis

@D Marcus I enjoy hearing about others methods too. I'm a fast and reckless writer, lol, no major outlines or overthinking my projects. Once I solidify my beginning and ending, I go for it. While it's not for me, I am fascinated by the amount of time people spend on outlines, notecards, etc.

Aray Brown

@Jody I used to hate outline when I first started this. I didn't do em. My first script was long hand. My second was an adaptation, so the novel was my blueprint. I see the value in em now but they do stifle your creativity and I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl

Jody Ellis

@Aray I usually work up a very loose outline and I do make notes while I'm writing my first draft, mainly key things I want to include. I prefer to just write. I think it is very easy to get bogged down in "preparing to write" and I see people who let months and sometimes years go by caught up in outlines and notecards and not actually writing a word. I don't have that kind of time!

Aray Brown

@Jody me either!

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