Screenwriting : A Pirate's Life for Me by Paul Grammatico

Paul Grammatico

A Pirate's Life for Me

Started to rewatch "Black Sails" this weekend. Anyone else doing pirate scripts? Do you think they're worthwhile? Also, what is your favorite pirate movie? Thanks!

Richard P. Alvarez

Favorite has to be "Swashbuckler" with Robert Shaw and James Earl Jones. One of the best 'homage' to swashbuckling duels at the end!

Dan MaxXx

Disney is banking huge $$$ on a female version of Pirates of the Caribbean starring Margot Robbie. Maybe a good time next year to come up with a knockoff/do-able indie pirates concept.

Tony Ray

Favorite pirate movie? Hook.

As for pirate scripts, no. Partially because, thanks to Disney, the original idea for pirate films has been worn out. Maybe trying to mix the pirate genre with another genre could be worth exploring.

Craig D Griffiths

I think a Pirate movie that looks at the end of the era. A person that is out of step with the rest of the world. Someone that feels the world closing in around them.

I am not sure what ended that era. But a look at the last pirate would hold my attention.

Dan MaxXx

Lookup The Asylum film company. They're experts at making "Hollywood" blockbuster knockoffs.

Jason Mirch

Everything I have ever heard about actually producing a project on water is that it is a nightmare. I am so impressed by Bruckheimer and the POTC team pulled off. My writing partner and I wrote what was essentially City Slickers on a Pirate-themed cruise a few years ago. Ultimately it was completely ridiculous and went nowhere, but it was fun to write.

Bill Costantini

Hi Paul,

There sure have been a lot of great pirate films made over the years - from Captain Blood; Against All Flags; and Treasure Island to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise - and I think my favorite is the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, followed by the second, and Hook. Those films sure are loaded with great action, entertainment, and memorable characters.

I'm pretty sure that Disney was in the development process with TWO Pirates of the Caribbean films, if I recall correctly from last year. One was going to feature Margot Robbie and be more female-centric, and the other was going to be a re-boot. Johnny Depp may or may not be involved with either. There were a lot of different scenarios swirling around. We'll see what eventually happens.

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Paul, and stay safe!

Paul Grammatico

Hi Bill Costantini. Thanks. I was wondering about this as I stumbled across Black Sails one night and thought, "Oh pirates, I'll see what this is about." I was pleasantly surprised by this series. Not sure if anyone is a fan and if anyone is exploring this. Must have cost them a good chunk of change to make it.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

A lot of great pirate historical material to draw from without rights issues. There's at least five famous pirates I'd consider writing a script about. Only instead of a flashy Disney story I'd opt for gritty realism.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Does THE GOONIES count as a pirate movie? If so, I'm going with THE GOONIES. Also really enjoyed the obscure Swedish flop SHIPWRECKED as a kid, which I believe is on Disney+ now.

Dan MaxXx

Asylum has already made a POTC knockoff. Guess it's time to reboot the knockoff.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

"Alright now let's see the ship from the left, now from the right, now let's see it again from the left, let's zoom in fast, now from the right, let's just zoom in fast again, let's just get as much footage of the ship from different angles as we can we can only afford one day in the water with this thing so I better have three cameras looking at this ship with 72 hours of footage by the end of the day."

Paul Grammatico

Pirates of Treasure Island - So bad, it's good. I may have to check this out.

Paul Grammatico

CJ Walley. Agreed. My apologies if I what I wrote was perceived as mocking. I actually like movies like Pirates of Treasure Island that get made which is far better than what I've done. We talked about Troma and I find some of those movies are good and fun (The Cannon Group also) and they always have a hard core group of fans (myself included).

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

I'd love to write a flick for Asylum. Have a few backpocket pitches just in case the day ever comes.

Dan MaxXx

I met Thunder Levin, the writer of Sharknado franchise. Read his scripts. You gotta be better than average just to be an "average' writer working in Hollywood - even second tier movies demand excellence.

But speaking of planes, here's "money plane".

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

I'm 99% sure they know SHARKNADO is "bad". That's kind of the point. It's fun, high concept, crazy stuff you couldn't really justify with a big budget. That's the appeal of it to me. Getting to just do something completely wacky with zero expectations. They're like a more sophisticated Troma.

Paul Grammatico

And Lloyd Kaufman made movies for years, mentored James Gunn, gave new filmmakers a platform, and made movies that were remade such as Mother's Day:,

Craig D Griffiths

Black Sail was only possible because it rained in outback Australia and the desert flowers bloomed. (I’ll get to a point).

They had to move Mad Max Fury Road to South Africa. When that was finished it left great production facilities and that enabled Black Sail to be made.

Before you take to the water off South Africa watch this.

Yep the shark in SA leap out of the water.

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