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Screenwriting : A thought by Steven M. Cross

Steven M. Cross

A thought

I write fiction and have had some success with it, and the end of 2019 and 2020 look especially promising. I am in the process of looking over one of my novels accepted for publication, and I noticed that my visual elements were surprisingly strong. Not so with my screenwriting. I had the thought that I might write all of my action sequences in first person instead of third person and then change it when I do revisions. Does this sound crazy? Or a waste of time? What do you all do to improve the visual aspects of your screenplay?

Wal Friman

I use less words.

Craig D Griffiths

What would I try to be telling someone with a shot. I have to tell them in words.

For example. In a screenplay I wrote I wanted to get across that the girl being questioned by police had been in this situation a thousand times before. I want to get across how the actor in my head was playing the character (with complete disinterest). That this was a boring process that she was going through and engaging with the police was only going to make it drag out.

"Amy is slumped in her chair looking anywhere but at the Policeman trying hard to be intimidating, this isn't her first rodeo."

Imo Wimana Chadband

I try to have the scene in my head, like I can see every detail as if the script is already made and I'm watching it on the big screen. That way you have the image, the visualization, so writing it becomes a lot easier.

Dan MaxXx

Read stacks and stacks of scripts. It is that simple to improve. Read scripts, good and bad scripts. Develop your own shit detector. Then master stealing what you like. Repeat.

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