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Ashley Tyler

Advice on Pitching Scripts

I am working on a mini-series at the moment. I have almost finished the first episode of a seven-episode, dark comedy/ drama.

Once it is done and edited. I want to pitch it to TV studios but have absolutely no idea where to start. Any advice would be most welcome!

Hope you are all safe and well!

Cynthia Garbutt

You can go to The Writer's Room (under the 'Script Services' tab above)

Dawn Prato

Hi Ashley, nice to meet you! Definitely check out The Writer's Room - I joined it a couple months ago and they have a ton of resources available, plus the folk there are really helpful. They have Pitch Practice every Thursday :)

If you email Jason Mirch (, he'll definitely help you out. He's the Director of Script Services and I've emailed him a few times now asking who would be my best bet to pitch to, here. Definitely give him a shout.

Best of luck with everything!

Aray Brown

I highly recommend The Writer's Room ;)

Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services he can get in The Writer's Room for a free month as well as advise you on navigating your screenwriting journey :)

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Nice to meet you Ashley. Do you have a series Bible as well? I understand it's easier to get producers to read a series bible or pitch doc. It might be worth putting one together if you don't.

Kacee DeMasi

Hi, Ashley you actually do not pitch to studios, you pitch to producers who either work for a production company that has a relationship with the studios or to producers themselves who have a relationship with networks then studios. Check out the script services and send it to producers who you have researched who also does your kind of content, they do script consulting - Send to 3 max to get a wide range of feedback and if they want to move forward they can. ... If you go directly to the Pitch sessions then you will need a written pitch and should have a Pitch Deck or a Series Bible (Series Bibles are usually around 10-15 pages long.) There are lots of videos online to learn how to Pitch. But going to the script services might be a better option. Just research the producers first as you do not want to send your script to someone who only does comedies. Best of luck and break a leg

Martin Reese

I echo the advice of Aray Brown and Dawn Prato . The Writer's Room is a great community and offers all types opportunities to hone your craft and learn.

Bill Albert

Good Luck Ashley. I'm in the same situation that you are and understand it's an uphill battle. Have you looked through the listing of who's taking pitches yet? I made the mistake of just trying to go the traditional route till a producer who liked what I was doing said "This would be great for Netflix." I have to admit I hadn't seriously looked at streamers. Go for it.

Ashley Tyler

Thanks for all the help and advice. I shall check the writers room and so some research on studios and producers. I have finally finished episode one!

I have a logline and a written pitch but haven't written a series bible yet.

Thanks for all the help!

Neal Howard

You can't seriously pitch a series to Netflix or any network or competitive platform without a significant contact or without credible representation/management or without a credible production company/player with influence. You have to understand how intensely competitive and inaccessible the business is. Even with those established connections the effort is Herculean. Amateur and inexperienced writers are not anyone's "go to" source for content. Doesn't mean it can't be done, but you have to be realistic about it. Make sure your work is beyond good. If the pilot script is compelling and professional you can start the process of making viable industry contacts and intermediaries. Your efforts should be centered around you...establishing yourself as a serious writer with the material...rather than selling the series itself.

Katherine de Bois

Well done, and congratulations on finishing. Is your pilot a half hour or 1 hour opener? Curious

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