Screenwriting : Ah! Where to begin? by Tony Russo

Tony Russo

Ah! Where to begin?

I've haunted these pages before in the past year or so, and I've thrown a script or two into a contest, asked for feedback, requested notes etc. But the real question I have is -- now I have the start of a potential series idea. I've fleshed it out and wrote a tentative initial script ... all things I've done before. What should I be doing different? Where do I begin to pique interest in this idea? Do I ask hang around and questions in the lounges? Pay for a consultation?

Craig D Griffiths

Yes, hang and ask. Writing shouldn’t cost money.

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

Hey Tony! Probably check to see how the script is doing and once it's in great shape probably get started on a bible. Or work on both simultaneously, however your brain works. I'd also recommend getting Stage 32's industry coverage. Pretty thorough and constructive notes to help you out with rewriting if needed.

Monica Mansy

Hey, Tony Russo congrats on completing your first draft! I absolutely agree with Nick (as usual). Industry coverage is the way to go (check out the "Script Services" tab above). I've received Industry notes and they're amazing. It will give you everything you need to know where to go next - what works, what doesn't, etc. It's the best. Happy writing (or rather "rewriting")!

Julia Petrisor

yeah, to echo Nick - have you written the series arc? is that initial script as tight as it can be? Synopsis and bible prepped? pitch deck made? there might be a bunch of little stuff you can be doing while you make more connections / build up to pitching. This way you'll be completely ready to go when you meet someone.

Ryan Johnston

Yes to all the above,my friend! Especially the bible. No greater opportunity to flesh out your characters and really dive in to your concept.

Ewan Dunbar

I agree with all of the above! Writing out the whole bible and plotting out the season arc and those of your characters is a great way to get all the ideas you have for the show out onto paper and map out the whole idea. This part of the process is a lot like doing a jigsaw puzzle - you need to get all the pieces out the box to make the bigger picture!

Tony Russo

Thanks so much for your responses! Great way to get feedback.

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