Screenwriting : Anyone interested in writing a Historical Action / Drama with a strong female lead? by Gary A Green

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Gary A Green

Anyone interested in writing a Historical Action / Drama with a strong female lead?

If you are, please look up Frances Clayton. During the Civil War, she dressed like a man to follow her husband into the Union Army. She was reported to be in 18 battles and literally stepped over her husband's dead body to continue to fight. She was awarded several medals and was only discovered to be a woman when she was wounded below the waist.

Craig D Griffiths

Great jumping off point. How did her life end? Any idea.

Kiril Maksimoski

Gary, why don't you do it yourself? You're accountant, so what? I'm CS senior agent...

Gary A Green

I have been writing a psychological thriller, and have two other ideas in the pipeline. Historical fiction isn't my cup of tea.

Ismael Judá Moraes Reis Dias

I would, but the civil war period isn't my strong point.

James Welday

I would love to tackle this. DM me if you're interested.

Craig D Griffiths

A.S. I would never let a previous story stop me. There were 3 Chernobyl scripts being written while Craig Mazin was writing his and one already in production. There was a movie called “Pope Joan” based on a supposed true story of a woman that became Pope by keeping her gender secret. That wouldn’t stop me doing this story.

I would look at her as a person that was not willing to let bad things happen due to her inaction. I am guessing they had no children, so she thought fighting beside her husband meant she could influence her own life. I have done no research - but this would also mean she would be fed, and have protection. Which is no small thing for people during war.

Philip Sedgwick

Gary A Green

We can chat if you like. Prefer to do it off boards, though. My great, great, great uncle was a Union General, Major General John Sedgwick. Shot in the eye after he told his troops the Confederate sharpshooters "couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." I know a heap about the history and have read hundreds of pages of letters, so the dialogue of the era is familiar.

All that said, I am a work-for-hire guy only. Worst case, if you wanted some structure input for the story, I have written period pieces in this era, so I could consult a bit if you like.

If interested, please e-mail:

Love a good Civil War script, despite the difficulty of period pieces.

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