Screenwriting : Anyone know something about the fashion world here? by Pete Rosen

Anyone know something about the fashion world here?

Hello... I am a WGA writer, have been a paid working writer for 20 years, and one of my favorite projects has a big bite.

But I wrote it a few years ago and the fashion world it is set in has changed dramatically since then. I have to touch it up before a meeting and I was hoping to find someone who knows screenwriting as well as the fashion world, especially how it has recently changed. Or knows a lot about fashion, and would be willing to give me feedback on what in the pilot episode or the Bible needs to be updated.

If you are a writer I would be glad to read any project of yours and give you serious feedback. I'm very experienced at that kind of thing. Thanks a lot in advance.


Shawn Speake

This DJ knows a little bit about fashion. When my agent asked me to dress as a modern-day dope man for an episode of LONGMIRE, I stepped into wardrobe and they didn't change a thing. My S32 connects with me said they had never seen that before. I'm assuming this is a drama. If you don't mind, what's your target audience, title, and logline?

Pete Rosen

It's called "Giacomo" - the name of the main character, who is a Ralph Lauren kind of big name designer. The target audience is adult, 21 and up. It's set deep in the fashion world and follows Giacomo's daily life. But he comes from the streets of New York and his grandfather used to run the teamsters who ran the fashion industry and is still mob connected. So Giacomo walks in and out of high and low society, high fashion and high finance, low lifes, made men and killers, as he has his whole life.

Dan MaxXx

Pete Rosen how about contacting your brothers & sisters in the WGA union? Somebody somebody must know fashion. Tom Ford is a WGA member.

Michael Rogers

Peter, I don't know much about current fashion but would be willing to do some research for you. An acquaintance is a Fashion Photographer here in Newport. The project sounds spectacular and I would love to be involved in anyway you need assistance.

Pete Rosen

Thanks Dan. I know a bunch of writers but none of them know much about the fashion industry. You’re right I could reach out to the WGA but that would be a little time consuming and I’m in a little hurry.

Pete Rosen

I appreciate that a lot, Michael. Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that at some point. I’m waiting on a little feedback over the weekend, and then I may think about digging into more research. I have some new ideas for it. Thanks again though.

Shawn Speake

Now that I've had a chance to think on this... The 'clothing' component is much like the 'weapons' component. I deal with weapons by writing early drafts in broad strokes. He shoots her... Then in later drafts have a special pass just for weapons where I do nothing fill-in component details. Hope this helps.

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