Screenwriting : Are you in a screenwriter's group? What are you getting out of it? by Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Are you in a screenwriter's group? What are you getting out of it?

Uncle Phil is a member of a couple of online screenwriting groups. This has led to me striking up a few friendships with other writers. some of the writers have provided me with proofreading and occasional feedback. One of the group leaders also provided me with a lead that led to a recent script request. However, I'm not a member of a writer's group that meets in-person on a regular basis. Uncle Phil would love to see you post stories about your experiences with either in-person or online screenwriting groups. Feel free to post the good, the bad and perhaps even the ugly.

Doug Nelson

I don't like the on-line concept at all; I'm an up-close, eyeball-to-eyeball type of guy. My experience has been that such screenwriter's groups are filled with beginners and wannabes that look to me as their personal mentor and guide and/or they want to argue over what they don't know. Frankly, they're of no value to me. I like working with beginning screenwriters one-on-one but I'm not interested in being the den mom.

John German

Dear Phillip Hardy:Years ago I was a part of a writers group; Nothing happened with what was talked about. People didn't seem interested in wanting to do the work; They loved to talk about it, and the idea of it, but no one really wanted to do the effort that was needed. I think some people love the idea of movies, and creating one, but they don't realize the time, effort, and dedication it takes to do it. You really need to want to do it, not just want to do it.I'm on Stage32, obviously, the Masterclass and a couple others, but I am not in a writers group where I am writing with people; I have no problem with doing that, I just haven't with what I've been doing. It doesn't mean I won't or can't in the future.I think the online communities are really good to help anyone learn and/or network; I am sure it can be as helpful offline as well. I've seen and been a part of people posting stuff and giving each other feedback; Have their own contests, like the Masterclass, where people are given a theme and everyone runs with their own ideas based on that theme. There are many good things, and with anything there can be at times minuses.All the best.God Bless.Sincerely,John German

Steven Michael

I am not in a writers' group, either type. I'd welcome the opportunity but only if the members are committed to helping each other with projects, and I don't necessarily mean collaboration. Doug's comment seems about right whenever more than three people get in a room, whether it's in business, the arts, or especially government. I would not be interested in that kind of group. Get 'er done, or get out of the way.

Doug Nelson

Years past - I was a member of a professional, vetted screenwriter's group and there was value to that _ i would do that again. I think that what makes a group run smoothly is having members of similar skill level.

Kerry Morgan

Yes, I'm part of a writers group in Austin. It's a great group! I think the most important thing is the feedback. It's a small group, but their feedback has been spot on and has helped me clean up a lot of my writing.

Robert Campopiano

I belong to a writers group and it's been a big help. I've learned a lot and met some great people. We all learn from each other and we have a wide range of skillsets that complement each other.

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