Screenwriting : Article on how franchises handle their screenwriters by Kyle Climans

Kyle Climans

Article on how franchises handle their screenwriters

Here's an article which goes over the ways writers on current film franchises are hired, and how writing credits are distributed.

The Problems When Many Writers Work on 'Star Wars,' 'Transformers' and Other Film Franchises
The Problems When Many Writers Work on 'Star Wars,' 'Transformers' and Other Film Franchises
This story first appeared in the Oct. 23 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. Writers rooms have been a staple of TV series since the dawn of the…
James Drago

Sign O the Times article. Good share. Thank you.

Joe Bousquin

Great insight into this issue, as well as the increasing influence of TV standards in film. Thanks for sharing.

Dan MaxXx

Above my station. side note: how is Akiva Goldsman involved in every franchise? the guy must be Alec Baldwin-type "Closer" in a room

Pat Savage

Great share. Thank you!

Richard "RB" Botto

Akiva is a pit bull.

Ryan D. Canty

Akiva is a beast...extremely prolific (way more than Sorkin and Zallian, two men who are the epitome of prolific) and just has and knows how to score in regard to selling screenplays and pitching etc. Like, if Akiva ever wrote a book about screenwriting, I would fucking buy it HANDS DOWN...I really would

Jeff Lyons

Very interesting... although dual-track dev has been around forever. Producers have always "pitted" scripts agains one another and then cherry picked material. But, thanks for this.

Dan MaxXx

probably a bad career decision to turn down the gig. Just think about the back channel politics between a Rep and a Studio to get a Writer put on a franchise. Yeah, it sucks that a WGA arbitration will decide on writing Credits but the positive--- Writer is on the studio list, a team player, good in a room reputation. Jeff Lyons-- have you heard any horror stories of Writers who turn down franchise gigs and put on "shit list"--- do not hire---difficult to work with?

Jeff Lyons

Dan.. no. It's a pretty special invitation to join those teams, so I doubt anyone says no. They might not get hired, but don't know of anyone passing.

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