Screenwriting : Aspiring Horror Writer looking to get into production by Monica Edwards

Monica Edwards

Aspiring Horror Writer looking to get into production

My name is Monica and as of now I have one finalized horror screenplay and am close to finishing up another with a third in development. I am most interested in indie production as I don't just want to be the writer I want to help be part of the entire process. I know a lot about video editing and filming as well, would like to be part of the team. I don't like the idea of handing off my work to be ruined by someone else. When I write something I have a whole vision I just don't want to write it. I suppose I'm going to be told this isn't the way to write, or it's a bad practice but I'm interested in the overall project, not fame or money. What exactly is the best next step to get into indie production. I don't have a ton of money, or means to travel/relocate to another city. I have made minor connections with some producers in the industry but not much has come of it. I have been researching indie production and working on shorts to be able to film myself, but don't really have the equipment to make the film I want to make. I don't have the money to invest in upgrading my computer or camera either so I'm kind of stuck. Is there any advice for someone like me who wants to make this happen but has no means to do it?

Louis Tété

You either could shoot a shorter version of your screenplay or shoot a scene from it but it would need to be the one that make the audience jump from their seat, then it would help to attract indie production. The SAW franchise and WHIPLASH started like this. Regarding equipment, crew...maybe ask to some friends of yours. But it all depends on your script as well, is there heavy make up and cgi works....You can always work things around if you take the time to think about it.

Sam Borowski

Monica, WHY don't you team up with an Indie Producer. Throw a little money in the project - or go Friends and Family route raising it. Get some skin in the game, as they say. However, if you do this, an Indie Producer may be willing to match your funds as well as bringing OTHER ELEMENTS for free. An Indie Producer - and Director, for that matter - will have connections with Cinematographers, who own their own RED cameras. As part of your deal, you get to be a Producer on it, as well. That gets you in the conversation. An Indie Producer / Director will also have connections with Actors, Composers and help you Crew Up. You have to be more PROACTIVE and make a short yourself - with an experienced team, of course. Build your IMDb resume. Go take said film on the Festival Circuit and schmooze with other filmmakers, make connections and network, network, network! Get your name out there. It CAN BE DONE! Break Legs! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!! <3

Dan MaxXx

basically, the more skills you bring to the table, the longer you stay on projects and that may lead to opportunities like paid jobs. You don't need much experience but you need something to show Cast, Crew, and Employers. Everybody on-set always ask: "What you got next?" That's when you show your feature film ideas.

Craig D Griffiths

Monica Edwards what you are saying is you want the budget but can’t get it. I think with that problem statement we can find a solution.

Sell stuff. Keep this one in a draw if you can’t part with it. Write other stuff and sell that. I mean anything for any money. If you are a good writer, good writing shines through (no matter what). This will build a rep and a little cash.

Now depending on the cash and rep, you now have something more than just a script to raise the money you need. Or take you cash and rep and make some short films. This will also prove to people that you can be trusted end to end.

I hope this helps. As you know a script is about 2% of the overall process. The 98% is the killer, good luck.

Dan Guardino

I agree with Kay that is usually the first step. I use Gorilla scheduling and Gorilla budgeting software. They are great programs but I think you have to have Final Draft or Movie Magic but I am not positive about that.

Craig D Griffiths

Here are some tools Screen Australia gives away for free. If you have Excel you can do everything you need.

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