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Rick Reynolds

Audio Dramas

Have a script sitting on a shelf? A story that needs to be told? Turn it into an Audio Drama! Novels make audiobooks. Screenplays make Audio Dramas. With my new service, I'll turn your script into a full Orson Welles style radio play. One you can sell as an audiobook or have a product that will serve as a proof of concept. Message me for more details.

Stephen Floyd

You have samples of your work?

Steve Cleary

With sound effects? I'm intrigued!

Craig D Griffiths

I think audio is a great medium. I am doing a periodic Podcast soon. Just arranging some actors.

Would the output of this service be used for such a venture?

Rick Reynolds

The EDOM Project was my first effort. The first 2 episodes are a little narration heavy in hind-site. I've sinse learned to delete as much narration as possible through sound design.

In my process, I can consistently turn 30 pages in about 2 weeks.

Rick Reynolds


Sound Design

Sound Effects

Ambiance for each scene

Voice Acting the dialog. (I hire for this)

Final mix.

Aaron Pacentine

This is pretty cool!

Rick Reynolds

Note: I can typically turn 30 pages in about 14 days.

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