Screenwriting : Being silent doesn't mean you're loitering by Ugo Cavallo

Being silent doesn't mean you're loitering

Sometimes, being a writer requires time (a lot) in order to feed passion (writing) and everything else (reading, mastering the screenwriting craft). Why am I saying this?

During this period, people is becoming much more connected than before, people use to show everything CONSTANTLY.

Fellow writer, don't struggle with this game. if you are not posting everyday on your socials does not mean you'are loitering or wasting you're time. You also have a life off the screen.

Live it, enjoy it. Don't forget to love yourself as a human being (only doing so, you'll feed your inner voice for a better writing). Take your time to read a book, enjoy the sun, your pets and your family.

I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Karen "Kay" Ross

The life/work balance is indeed a struggle, especially for writers. Going on walks has never been so entirely necessary in my life more than they are right now.

Donnalyn Vojta

I couldn't agree more! Yes, we need to have an online presence in this day and age, but we do NOT need to comment or post something every day, not even every other day. I tend to check my social media once or twice a week. As a writer, I need my head clear as much as possible, so when it's time to think about a story and write it, I'm not already exhausted from social media blasting me all day!

Martin Reese

Well said Ugo Cavallo

Maurice Vaughan

Great to meet you, Ugo Cavallo. The balance is a struggle. Thanks for sharing.

Ugo Cavallo

Thank you for your kind reply, hope this helps you out :)

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Ugo Cavallo.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Ugo Cavallo I love this! It's always nice just to be reminded to stop... to soak up the sun and enjoy the moment. Plus, actually experiencing life is the best way to get the creative juices flowing!

John Mezes

Live your best life, writing is a part of it, not the entire thing. Take time to stop and smell the roses, look at sky, watch birds in a fountain or a squirrel in a park, sit quietly and talk to yourself, self examination is so important. Besides, if you're not posting everyday, perhaps your......simply writing. Way to go, Ugo!

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