Screenwriting : Besides posting good or not so good advice, what are you doing to help? by Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

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Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Besides posting good or not so good advice, what are you doing to help?

If you're an experienced screenwriter, are you helping newer writers with their work? I mean, besides posting in forums. I love it if I can spend a few hours helping less experienced scribes and have assisted folks with pitch decks and written pitches this past week. This is not a challenge. It's merely a discussion question. What say you?

Genevieve Cadorette

I'm not experienced but I love reading screenplays, and sharing my input. Always love to help anyone when it comes to writing.

Doug Nelson

I have a Screenwriting Seminar scheduled for May 10th and a class set to begin on Aug 1st (if the Gov allows). In the autumn I have an entire DSLR filmmaking school set up. I'm holding the price to a minimum ($9.00/per day/per student for the studio). I'm tired of not finding qualified writers and crew to hire for productions - looks like I have to do it myself! We'll see how it goes.

Malcolm Dwain Carter

I’m not as experienced as a writer, but I have written scripts that I would love to send off to festivals, but I’ve been looking for someone with higher experience to take a look and give some critiques for improvement. Plus I want to learn how to pitch to studios very soon.

Dan MaxXx

I mentored some guys on "how to shoot wedding videos like a pro." Even gave them my old Imac w/ final cut pro software to edit! In return, their children are teaching me how to make TikTok videos!

As for screenwriting advice, I am still learning. I listen to people who write full-time and only occupation.

Roxanne Paukner

I get and give free peer-to-peer feedback at CoverflyX. The more you give, the more points you get. The more points you have, the more you can offer to a reader of your scripts, thus attracting more experienced people, since high "paying" scripts are only available to qualified readers. Check it out:

Dan Guardino

I have helped a few newer screenwriters but I don't have too much free time on my hands so I don't do it very often. Besides I am a self-taught so who am I to teach anyone anything.

William Martell

Though mostly just posting, I have 400 screenwriting articles in rotation on my website (free), some of them were originally published in Script Mag (print) and Movie Maker and others (my deal with magazines is that I get rights back after a year). I also have 3 hours of (free) video class stuff on Film Courage.

I don't do one on one stuff anymore because it's usually the same problems. My book (Secrets Of Action Screenwriting) came about because after reading dozens of scripts from online friends that had the same problems, I made up a xeroxed numbered list of common problems and solutions so that I wouldn't have to type the same things over and over again. One of my friends said I should publish it as a book... A bunch of books later...

I think it's important to give back. And remember that writers are usually broke - so keep costs down. The things that I don't do for free (like those 400 articles and dashing people's dreams on message boards) I try to keep affordable. I just finished a 100,000 word book on Loglines Treatments and Pitching, and am selling it for $5... $3.99 until the end of May. I could charge $10, but don't.

I have movies on Netflix (I think, that licensing window may be over) and 6 or 7 films free (with a ton of commercials) on Tubi (mostly the HBO stuff).

Christopher Phillips

Roxanne Paukner I used to do similar on Triggerstreet for short films and scripts before that closed shop. It's good to see that another peer-to-peer place is available.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Christopher: Trigger Street was a good platform for a while. I met one of my good writing buddies there. He came out from Germany to visit and we went to AFF a few years back.

Nina Berlin

I occasionally exchange work with other writers and always put many hours into reading scripts and providing notes. I've also received some great feedback.

Craig D Griffiths

Reading a few scripts. Normally seen enough in a few pages and give notes. Then some discussions about changes etc.

Then my hobby stuff, blog, Vlog etc.

John Ellis

I help where I can - posting my opinion, giving notes when I can, helping local shoots in whatever capacity. But I'm with Dan Guardino, I still work a full time job and am self-taught, so who am I to teach/advise anyone else?

Maló Polite Xavier

An emerging writer here. I can tell with my own experience, its difficult to find someone who can take a moment of his time to read a page of screenplay of a newer.

Jim Boston

Phillip, I went ahead and became a Rockstar member on Script Revolution. (Well, it's a start...)

Louis Tete

Love helping others with their script or anything else in my field of skills. I don't have the pretension to say i'm an experienced screenwriter but if i can advise, come up with ideas and simply give some time to someone in need, i do it without hesitation. We all started somewhere and only by working together we can change things for the better.

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