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Lawrence Gleadhill

Big budget tv shows

From the people that I've asked, it seems that for inexperienced screenwriter, as myself, it is nerely impossible to get any attention with a first script that's for a big budget tv show (sci-fi/medieval/fantasy). Anyone got any suggestions or thoughts on this? Cheers

Mike Romoth

One of the most important lessons I've learned since getting onto S32 about a year ago (endless thanks and respect to all the great contributors that have taken the time to offer advice and guidance in the forums ) is that you are at the beginning of a journey. You now have one writing sample, and that is a huge step. The next huge step is accepting that your first writing sample is just that. You need another one. And another one. As you learn more about the real craft of writing, your work will continue to improve. You need to start learning how to market yourself and most importantly, you have to figure out the real-world business angles that relate to finding work in a real industry that employs lots of people...professional people with lots of writing samples who can do professional work on time and under budget. And believe me, there are A LOT of people packing this type of heat in their resumes in the film/TV industries. If you want to get into the competition, then you have begun your training...and that is an enormous leap. However, you are now entering an arena where everyone has a first screenplay...and a second one...and a third one. I'm on number five and there are plenty of sages on S32 who have written completed scripts in the double digits. Working on your writing is important, but learning about all the duties expected of a professional writer working in the movie/TV industries is just as important. However, there is a path...elusive as it may seem. The Wall is the barrier that separates the outsiders from the insiders. There is no gate and there is no key, but others have made it across. You might too. We're all on here trying to make it from the outside to the inside. You have completed the essential first step, but the journey will require many more. Sorry, didn't mean to get all Galdalf-y/Obi-Wan Kenobi-like there at the end, but it's all true.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

It might not get produced, but if it's really good you can get staffed on shows that are similar to your writing style. Maybe not as an immediate writer, but something where you can learn the business. But your spec would have to be really good AND get into the right hands. Good luck with that.

Regina Lee

For an inexperienced writer or for an experienced writer, the types of shows Lawrence mentions can be hard to sell. In short, Game of Thrones is based on a series of books that has sold millions of copies. Even still, producers were trying to set up the books with TV networks for years before this current incarnation with David Benioff & DB Weiss was sold to HBO. Oftentimes, when TV studios/networks are asked to consider a big budget show, popular IP or general pre-awareness (e.g. History's Vikings) really helps. Furthermore, if Lawrence is simply trying to "get attention" with this type of script, I guess getting attention is in the eye of the beholder. Getting attn is one thing; selling is another. It's possible that Lawrence just wants to get some good general meetings out of the script as a writing sample. In any case, break a leg!!

Jorge J Prieto

Excellent , Mike. You expressed my and the sentiment of many here. Thanks, buddy.

William Martell

This is a companion to Regina's answer: Find similar TV shows (or movies if that's what you are aiming for) and then trace them back to the source and follow that same path.

Lawrence Gleadhill

Thank you for the feedback everyone, much appreciated. Much like when I started writing, I didn't understand how big the industry was and how many people were doing the same thing as me, trying to get famous! I Think I have a good concept with my idea (being my first script), but like you mentoned Mike and Regina, it can be simple about marketing myself and getting my name out there. During the day I am accountant so, and it's a new career for me so that is something I want to focus on. Which is one of the reasons I joined stage 32 so that I could learn more about the industry, and network with people. I enjoy writing the sci-fi/fantasy genre and not sure if I could write a low budget style (comedy, soap drama), but I will write up the ideas I currently have and by then I will have four scripts under my belt and hopefully by then I will have improved my craft and build up more expereinces about the industry. I did try your suggestion William, and didn't get far, but I will look at it again. At this stage I'm only working on my own work and I have a new career, but perhaps if the chance came up, your suggestion Jean-Pierre would be a great idea.

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