Screenwriting : Biggest Obstacle by Bill Lonero

Bill Lonero

Biggest Obstacle

What would you say was/is the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome or are trying to overcome with your screenwriting?

Jerry Robbins

For me, it was showing, not telling. I come from the world of audio drama, and after writing over 450 scripts for audio over the past 23 years, I was putting too much information into my dialog... not as obvious as "there's the door, let's open it -" but more subtle things - and they all added up. I would send them for coverage, and that was the major factor. It's taken a while to adapt, but I just got my very first "Strong Consider" from coverage after many, many a "PASS" - so I'm headed in the right direction. Also, someone on here recommended a book called "Your Screenplay sucks and 100 ways to make it great" by William Akers, and that was one of the best investments I made. It helped a great deal with the stupid little mistakes I was making.

Jenna H

Time. Between running a household, parenting, and work that pays the mortgage....TIME.

Dan Guardino

Mine was writing economically. I would write screenplay after screenplay that were way too wordy because I hated how they read and refused to do it for a few years.

Michael L. Burris

Not thinking too big; well currently.

Doug Nelson

Time. If time is infinite, how come I never seem to have enough?

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