Screenwriting : Bio for screenwriter who hasn't set the world on fire yet... by Krista Crawford

Krista Crawford

Bio for screenwriter who hasn't set the world on fire yet...

What should be covered in my bio if I haven't actually sold/produced anything yet? I've gotten some script requests and one has asked me to include a bio but I'm not sure what to put in it. I haven't won any major competitions, made it to the quarterfinals of the Stage 32 TV Writing contest and I have two original TV pilots that I'm shopping around. I'm sure they don't want to hear that I'm excellent at shoveling snow since I'm from Wisconsin. Suggestions? Thoughts?

David Trotti

The real gold in a bio is what makes you interesting and qualified to have an opinion on the story you're pitching. If your story is about people living in Wisconsin then shoveling Wisconsin snow can be something that says you know your topic. I wouldn't get overly cute with it, but part of the bio is to connect with the potential reader to show you have an interesting perspective or are uniquely qualified take on this particular story. A small town volunteer fireman may never have written a screenplay, but may have a great story to tell from a personal and insightful perspective. Imagine that person about to tell you the story of facing down the biggest wildfire in his region's history as it bears down on his little town with four volunteers and one old outdated truck. You want to hear how that turns out.

Krista Crawford

Makes sense! I've read that your bio should read in 3rd person as well, is that still a good thing?

Frankie Gaddo

I think 3rd person reads better than 1st person.

Howard Johnson

That was good advice. Congratulations on your script requests.

Dan Guardino

I agree with the others and I would include how many screenplays you have written because people believe a screenwriter will improve with the number of screenplays they have written. Good luck.

Craig D Griffiths

Just be who you are.

Kay Luke

What David Trotti said.

Krista Crawford

Thank you for the help and suggestions! I got one written and sent off and we'll see what happens! I knew I could count on you all!

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