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Dina Arsenault

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Recently, I have been asked to be a guest blogger for a rapidly growing blog about the life of a freelance writer, blogger etc. She has asked me to write a blog about screenwriting. I thought I would pose this question to all of you, what blog topic on screenwriting would you be most interested in reading about? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for you input and time! :)

Marilyn Du Toit

Topic : What producers really want? How the script must come to them, not only format but should the writers add in angles of camera's etc?

Dina Arsenault

Thank you Marilyn!

Stephen J. Payne

If possible I am sure most screenwriters would like your take on writing dialogue.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Testing your concept BEFORE you write.

Taylor Albertson

Screenwriting software comparison and industry recommendations.

Heather Pierson


Geof Spalding


Krystal Fields

Something personal like time management and work/life balance. Thanks for asking! -kaf

Dina Arsenault

Thank you Lyse it is a big topic! :) I was thinking about writing about my own process for writing a screenplay and invite others to share their own processes to entice some conversation. Thank you for commenting!

Dina Arsenault

Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment! Very much appreciated! I will re-post my blog post here when its done! :)

Dina Arsenault

Oh trust me Lyse there is blood, sweat and tears for me too. In theory this process is seamless but in application there is frustration and maybe some crying ;)

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