Screenwriting : Business Cards/Promotional Pieces? by Emi Sano

Emi Sano

Business Cards/Promotional Pieces?

Hi, in this day and age its nice to have some physical pieces of information to hand out to people you meet while you're networking. I was wondering if others have business cards or promotional pieces (not one pages) that they hand out when they are at festivals or pitch meetings? I was beginning to create some for myself and I don't know where to start. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated :)

Taylor Albertson

I am really new at this as well but I had some made just in case. Festivals can get busy, among other things, so one may forget your name and number. Why not?

Johannes Kern

Business cards are cool! ;-) I always have some cards with me and at a festival it's absolutely worth it.

Darren Wiesner

I agree that business cards are a good idea. However everybody has a business card. If you can win them over and hook them with your pitch, they will put you into their phone. Best regards, Darren

Emi Sano

Anyone do anything catchy on the business card, writing wise, so the people can get a feel for/remember you? Or is it strictly business: name, number, email? Thoughts?

Tom Rooney

Best business card gimmick I know is to have the business card printed with the $ logo and colors on side 1, and your details on the reverse. Fold it in half with the $ outwards and drop it on the floor at festivals etc. Nobody but nobody will ever throw that away. Good luck. Tom

Emi Sano

That is such a neat idea and very clever. Thanks for the suggestion!

Danny Manus

Having a one-sheet is CRUCIAL at a pitchfest. Execs are hearing 50-100 pitches a weekend, and need something to remember you by. The more visual you can make it, the better, while keeping in the theme of your story. Use harder stock paper, visuals, etc. But always include name, contact info, logline, genre, a SHORT (4-6 LINES or so) of plot summary that will remind them of your pitch, and in a one-sheet you can also include a couple other loglines for other projects. And a bit about you helps too if you've won a contest or been produced or rep'd, etc. But I highly SUGGEST HAVING A ONE-SHEET. I'll be doing a Webinar covering this here on Stage 32 May 28th! Stay tuned!

Rick Hardin

If you're going to have a business card printed do you add anything more then contact info and the job title "Screenwriter"? Such as genre's you focus on or maybe you say you write for just TV or Film? Any thoughts or ideas?

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