Screenwriting : Business Plan / Film Budget by Adam Rhein

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Adam Rhein

Business Plan / Film Budget

Hello Everyone. I was wondering if anyone had information on where a great place would be to send your script(s), in order to see about preparing a solid Business Plan/Budget that could be used to send to investors. I have one place in mind, but would like to hear from anyone who has had success with this, personally. Thanks!

William Martell

Do you have a first AD?

Adam Rhein

The one script in particular that I'd produce myself has a director attached. No first AD.

Adam Rhein

Hello Lynn. FilmBudgetPro was actually one of the avenues I was looking into. And you are correct about the business plan. I've got an attorney to assist with that part already. The budget was the first major step I for SURE wanted to get done the best way possible. P.S. Do you have any idea of FilmBudgetPro's cost? Thank you for the help!!! :)

Adam Rhein

And Lynn, feel free to PM me on my last comment.

Dan Guardino

Adam. If you find out what they charge for a top sheet please let me know. I have a couple of project heading into development but I am too busy to do my own right now.

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