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Steven Seidman

Can I get an Opinion on my Screenwriting Resume

Steven Charles Seidman Born: March 10, 1990 Left out Education for privacy reasons. I took Basic and Advanced Screenwriting in College. Job History CEO/Lead Writer/Project Developer of Graphic Ops 2005- 2010. Producer/Creator/Writer of Short “Guardian Angel” - 2010. Writer of Web Series “Buds Ep1” - 2010. Creator/Writer of Short “The Run” - 2011. Producer/Director/Writer of Short Film “Learning to Fly” - 2011. Creator/Writer of Web Series “The Z-Team” - 2012. Creator/Writer of Feature “Sound Skape” - 2013. Creator/Writer of Web Series “Shutterbug” - 2014. Creator/Writer of Web Series “Wiley” - 2014. Paid Writer of Short Film “Down and Out” - 2014 Skills - I can write Features, Shorts, Web Series and TV Shows. - High Creativity level. - Excellent in Character Development. - Excellent in Plot Development. - Excellent in Script Formatting Skills. - I can teach Screen Writing. - Strong Willed. - Team Player. - I have the ability to see things cinematically.

Wendy Nichols

Impressive, Steven. x

Steven Seidman

My format is bad because I just copy and pasted this from the actual resume. Everything was spec before the one paid gig, that's why it's different. Also all those project have either a Screenplay to follow it or actual production. I didn't think Screenwriter's are held accountable for what gets made. I thought we are only accountable for what we make. Should I add a note that says "Samples available based on inquiry" And I taught screenwriting just not at a School, I'm a private teacher.

Steven Seidman

Lisa, I didn't ignore you. I'm simply replying to the points you brought up with the reasons why it looks the way it does. I'm not ignoring anyone. Thx for commenting, I appreciate any thoughts.

Danny Manus

I'm not sure why having one is even necessary. No one will ask you for a screenwriting resume before you write or get hired to write something. If they ask for anything it will be a bio, which is different. if you're going for a teaching job then you'd need a resume but to be honest, by listing your age as 24, I will already know you're not qualified to teach screenwriting. Even if you have a degree in it, which you don't say that you do, you wouldn't be qualified to teach it. So, formatting aside, I'm not sure what this would do for you or for what purpose you intend on using it...

Steven Seidman

I would never apply for a teaching job and I don't have a degree. Simply stating that I have done it. I have made a resume to send to production companies to possibly get a contract writing job. I'm not looking at getting my specs made I want to be get paid for work for hire.

William Martell

I don't understand the purpose of a resume. The way to get assignments is not with a resume, but with an amazing spec script. Half the time when I get an assignment they have no idea I've had anything produced in the past, they just read my script (and sometimes a second script) and either brought me in to pitch my take or just hired me. My script was my resume.

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