Screenwriting : Can I have lockers in my story when my characters are in college? by Zorrawa Jefferson

Zorrawa Jefferson

Can I have lockers in my story when my characters are in college?

My two main characters are in college but I wanted their school to have lockers or a place they can put their books or supplies. Is there any place they can put their things during class despite using a backpack?

Bill Costantini

We had lockers in a lot of the buildings on the University of Illinois-Chicago campus that were unassigned and for anyone's use. We didn't have lockers at Cornell College, but we did have stalls and pens for the students who had horses and pigs. (Just kidding, Iowans.)

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Its your story, you can do whatever you want.

London Moquin

it is you show/ movie if you want lockers the thing my many have to do is got to that school and talk to the ow that runs the school to see if theres any fees or any thing before get ing what you need done

JD Hartman

A building with lockers screams High School. Are the lockers pivotal to the story? Is any of the action and dialog centered around the lockers? If no, it's an unnecessary detail that may create additional work for the art department when dressing the real location.

Bill Costantini

Commuter schools tend to have lockers.

Beth Fox Heisinger

In college or universities (generally) you carry everything with you. Classes can be in different buildings and held in large lecture rooms that seat hundreds, etc. Students live in dorms or off campus. So (generally) no hallway lockers. However in some fields of specific study, like fine arts for example, you may have an assigned space which would be inside the facility/department, etc. I had a large locker and studio space when I was in college. So like everything, Emily, it depends on the specifics of your story. :)

Richard Gustason

I don't see a problem with having lockers in college. It's your story. I mean, you could have them carry those reusable bags you get at like Target if you that tickles your fancy.

Melissa Butler

It depends on a few things. What kind of college? Some smaller colleges and even community college have lockers. But they are first come first serve. Or like Beth said specific department have lockers. In the world you are creating it might be perfectly normal that every university has lockers. As long as it make sense to the world you are creating lockers in a hallway can work.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Speaking of authenticity, I'm writing a screenplay about golf pros in Dallas. Do most golf courses in Texas have gopher holes or prairie dog holes? Or is that wholes? I'm not talking East Texas now. Just El Paso to Dallas.

Danny Manus

maybe a junior college or community college, but most colleges and universities dont have lockers except in the gyms.

Emi Sano

The college I went to, the art building had lockers for students to put their portfolio or art supplies in so they didn't have to carry all their equipment to and from the dorms/apartments.

Christian Pius

Its your story, Emily. You are God. Create whatever.

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