Screenwriting : Can Women Succeed as Screenwriters? by Vonnie Davis

Vonnie Davis

Can Women Succeed as Screenwriters?

I read once at WGA, that mostly young men succeed as screenwriters. Why is that? Is it because they are the highest movie-going audiences? I am a woman and a senior, too -- am I wasting my time writing screenplays?

Vonnie Davis

I've just noticed a book on this topic at my Library, called Women Screenwriters Today. Going to check it out. Hope it inspires me to keep writing...

Francis (Fran)Connor

I don't think it matters if you are male or female. If you have a good story to tell and can tell it in the format required while making it a great read I'm sure the people with the power to take your story forward wouldn't care about your gender, only whether it would make them money or give themselves a chance to shine. There are certainly a lot of good women writers gaining credit in British films now, particularly with the BBC films. And I don't think age is necessarily a bar either but it could be if you come up against some stupid kid in the business. You may have to cloak your age in the first few steps until your great story climbs the ladder. Once you have hooked your prey they probably wouldn't wriggle off just because of your age. At least that's what I hope because I'm a senior too.

Philip Sedgwick

Nora Ephron, Callie Khouri (now writing on Nashville), Diablo Cody and look at the number of female writers on TV shows, Dexter and Nurse Jackie for instance. As far as being a senior, no problem. I've seen at several film festivals that older writers often take home awards. There's something to be said for writing life wisdom/experience into scripts. It resonates. Writing for four quad (F over 25, F under 25, M over 25, M under 25) helps.

Rik Carter

There aren't as many women writing TV and film as there are men but why should that indicate a woman is wasting her time by writing screenplays? I don't quite see the connection.

Felix A de Jesus

why don't you better think that you could be the one who break that theory

Vonnie Davis

Besides the WGA comment a few years back, I noticed that Inktio sales/options were going to almost all to men - well, I was siscouraged. But, I'm going to try submitting to The Black List (it's only $25).

Stacey Chehardy

I'm 50 - just finished my first screenplay, got an agent and expect to walk the red carpet soon. Don't give up - anyone can make a dream happen!

Yvonne Coughlan

Hey Stacey, I look forward to walking the red carpet with you, the bigger the dream the better I like how Oscar Wilde puts it with his aim for the moon and you fall among the stars description. Si your Mum sounds amazing, and she must be well proud of you, and Vonnie what a great name (my Dad used to call me that) but Vonnie Davis is definately a name destined for fame, keep writing!

Vonnie Davis

Thanks to you all for your inspiration. I'm writing all day cI can. ;)

Yvonne Coughlan

Nice one Lyse, I love sci-fi and never thought to write it. You have ignited inspiration... ah the magic of creative response.

Paul Rothbart

Female screenwriters go all the way back to the earliest days of film. Look at Anita Loos. Another great one is the late Nora Ephron. I'm a man and she is one of my biggest influences. Writers come from every conceivable background. All points of view are necessary in art. My writing partner is a woman and not only do we collaborate extremely well, she makes me a better writer. Short answer, Vonnie, you are not wasting your time at all. Keep writing. The world needs your unique personal insights.

Naomi Lisner

I hope more female screenwriters succeed as there seems to be a problem with many films with the imbalance of strong female roles. I believe your gender should not matter and the quality of your work should speak for itself. Best of luck.

Rachel Reaugh

You're not wasting your time as long as you are loving what you are doing. Just keep shining with your writing.

Julian Nabunya

@ Mrs Davis , yes they can because you will and i will dearest , get that fear off your mind and push it up , sucess does not require genda , its matter of determination and commitement , what so ever you chose in life is what you will always be .

Maxine Anderson

It does look like young male screenwriters succeed more and it's due to the high rollers who control Hollywood. Since more of them are men, young men are given more preference. Of course, that's not fair. I wouldn't say that you are wasting your time screenwriting. I am a woman and some may consider me to be a senior although I don't look or feel like one. But you know it's the age thing that this society gets caught up on. But age is but a number. It all depends on how you feel inside. I'm not going to think about any wasting of time when it comes to writing. I just simply love to write so that's what I will do. Albeit, it would be absolutely divine if one of my scripts was actually optioned.

Vienna Avelares

Read about "Diablo Cody" women screenwriters rock.... LOL

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