Screenwriting : Can You Answer These? by Jack Ritter

Jack Ritter

Can You Answer These?

This article tells you how to answer those questions that could easily turn off a producer. It's a good idea to think about the answers you would give for your movie. I think these are solid tips. Agree? Disagree?

Michael L. Burris

"Can you answer these?" I have no definitive answer but I'm constantly seeking ways to improve and expand my knowledge base. However what I do know because I pay attention to so many others is that my work is comprable and if you like I can give many examples of how it so with a more specific question. LOL! It was a good article but they will trun things into more specific questions I would suspect or at least be prepared for.

Kerry Douglas Dye

I've learned to be ready for the casting question. The first time I got caught up on that one I blundered out some really idiotic names. Now I make a point to have some sensible, marketable ideas ready as soon as the script is finished. (I tend to write lower budget stuff, so it's not as easy as just pulling out a De Niro or Jolie.)

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