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Neo Bryce



I'd just like to share to everyone that I had just finished writing my second full-length screenplay. It's still the first draft. But how do you celebrate finishing scripts? Have a nice day everyone!

Dan Guardino

I don't celebrate... I'm just happy I finished the darn thing so I don't have to look at it again. But congrats to you for finishing your second one.

Raymond Zachariasse

Drink coffee, eat cake, not looking at it for a month and then start on the second draft?

Bill Costantini

It's always an accomplishment to finish a script, and I like to celebrate by borrowing Dan Guardino's Lambo for a couple days. Nothing satiates the exuberance I get from finishing a script like driving off-road through the Mojave at night with the car lights off, guided by the stars, naked as a Desert Bighorn Sheep, screaming "I did it! I did it!"

Hey Dan....I just finished another one!

Roberto Dragonne

I use to feel nostalgic, I miss the characters and the rythm of the script. But at the end I feel satisfied. I don't have a celebration yet. Congratulations!

Neo Bryce

Dan Guardino thank you! I feel the same too.

Neo Bryce

Raymond Zachariasse Yeah. Definitely doin that, including the second draft revision.

Amanda Spencer

I printed it out (bc I'm paranoid) and took it to Ruth's Chris happy hour and sat on it while I ate a $9 filet mignon steak sandwich. Good job, Neo and good luck!

Neo Bryce

Thank you Amanda Spencer !

Raymond Zachariasse

I just finished too, however it was önly" three episodes of a series. Waiting for the pointers for the second draft now.

Neo Bryce

That is amazing! Congratulations Raymond Zachariasse!

Robert Kaufmann

Great. Do something that makes you happy, and relax. You deserve it.

Amanda Spencer

Only?! Raymond Zachariasse that is amazing!!! YAYYYYYYY

Annette F Hummell

You celebrate finishing a script by opening some wine. Better yet wait til you sell it.

Robert Rosenbaum

Just finished a first draft today. I never used to celebrate. Now I announce on social media. It's not a paycheck, but all the congrats at least make me feel like I've accomplished something. - So CONGRATS to you!

Neo Bryce

Thank you Robert Kaufmann!

Neo Bryce
Neo Bryce

Thank you Robert Rosenbaum! I appreciate it.

Phil Parker

As they say, a career in screenwriting is a marathon, not a sprint. You've got to reward yourself as you hit some mile markers, otherwise you'll burn out from lack of motivation. DO NOT wait until you SELL it to drink some wine! lol. #worstideaever ;-)

Personally, I go on a really long walk along the ocean... and then come home to a bottle of wine.

And Raymond was very right - stick it in a drawer and don't look at it for 2-4 weeks. It's VERY hard to do, but it will help restore your objectivity. Use the time to not write for a few days and then start taking notes on your next one.

Congrats and best of luck!

Kristy Ellington

I’m still working on mine but plan on treating myself to champagne and oysters when I finish!

Neo Bryce

Phil Parker yes, this art requires a lot of motivation and when it's done, it's all so worth it. Anyway, yeah. I have been trying to get my mind off of it for a while which is hard because I'm self-producing the film and I work as director and producer at the same time.

Neo Bryce

Kristy Ellington good luck! It’s going to be great!

Dawn Gonchar

Congratulations on completing your script! I don't have a specific way of celebrating; but sometimes "allow" myself to work on a new idea as a reward; rather than diving back in to the completed draft, figuring out what the weaknesses are.

John Bradley

I eat doughnuts till my stomach hurts! Congrats on the news script!

Neo Bryce

Dawn Gonchar yes! finally! Sometimes, I get ideas while still trying to finish a script and it gets hard to focus. I can finally work on those ideas!

Neo Bryce

John Bradley Thanks! I will definitely do that.

Doug Nelson

With a mature, complex and well tempered single malt from the Isle of Islay.

Clare Keogh


Alan B. Cox

I do most of the aforementioned celebrations on a regular basis. And I have completed only 1 screenplay. I guess I'm way behind now. The second one has made it to first draft though. But really, I put that one away and I start writing another one. I have at least 10 stories to tell. Congrats!

Pat Savage

Do something that makes you happy, Then after a sufficient break start your second draft. Congrats!

Neo Bryce

Thank you Alan B. Cox !

Neo Bryce

Pat Savage thank you!

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